By Ian Grace

Ian Grace says, “It still amazes me how many real estate agents don’t speak to their customers if the advertising hasn’t worked and they didn’t get people to an open house.” Watch Ian’s short video about communicating with your clients.


  1. At “Carolyne’s Clients Speak,” a seller client wrote:
    •You would think that all real estate agents would have your best interest at heart. Well that is not always the case.

    Now enter Carolyne. She is the ultimate professional.

    Communication is her No.1 priority. We never once had to call to find out how the showing went or the open house. Within minutes of people leaving we had all the information.

    We knew about every house in our area that were alike or for sale just the way it should be, but not always is.

    Carolyne becomes your partner in this campaign. She is honest, fair, trustworthy, and a very genuine person. With Carolyne you work with the real deal, not an assistant or coworker or stand in, you get the name that is on the sign and that name is………

    Carolyne REALTY CORP……… ”


    These sellers had a as near perfect home as one could see. Not large, not small, immaculately kept with an exceptional paint job I learned that Mr. Seller had, surprisingly, done himself, pointing particularly well-done.

    I acknowledged this and pointed out how important it was, enabling them to get the highest price in the subdivision at that time. The sellers seemed surprised to hear the praise. And of course, even in a down market, it sold quickly. A second, firm offer, bumped a COS contract within a couple of weeks only on the market

    Such a small thing meant a lot to them. And, yes… Ian’s video words are vital to listen to, especially for new agents, and maybe for well-seasoned ones too. A business recipe for success: It’s the salt and pepper, not just the presentation, that sometimes makes the difference; speaks volumes.

    Carolyne L 🍁

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