By Sue Styles

If there is one thing that is true, it’s that things change.

The market goes up and down, government starts out great then crumbles, children develop their own minds and take over the ownership of themselves…. and when things change, we are challenged.

What worked before stops working. Then we have a choice – keep beating a dead horse, or adapt.

This spring we noticed a tree in our front yard that had no buds. All the other trees in the neighbourhood were blooming, but ours was dead. We had a choice. Leave it there, standing as if it was fine, or cut it down and plant a new tree.

When you look around at others in your industry, are there things that they are doing to bring forth fruit that maybe you neglected?

It is an honest question, just between me and you – no one else will know.

If I decide to lose five pounds and everyday I eat well and go for a walk, but every night succumb to comfort and the pleasure of a glass of wine and charcuterie tray, I will have pleasure for a moment and zero results for the long term.

This is where a secret ingredient can be tucked in your back pocket. Accountability to rise up to the challenge of change.

When you need to see better results, you need to take better actions! You need to change, and with that, you need a strategy to overcome your challenge.

Here are three simple steps that will have you overcoming your challenges today and seeing better results tomorrow:

1. Isolate the obstacle

Single out exactly what is in your way. Is it time management? Lack of a network? Inability to close deals? Being too reactive and out of control? Are you resisting getting on and using Facebook? If you had to isolate one challenge – what would it be?

2. Clarify the needed action

Take your obstacle and now clarify what a possible solution would be. I highly suggest getting in a great frame of mind first. Think about how much love you have for your family or go on a brisk walk somewhere beautiful. Visit a bird sanctuary or zoo. If you are spiritual, go to a local labyrinth and enlarge the capacity of your mind. Then when your mind is in a positive state, ask it, “What action do I need to take to overcome this challenge?” When we are in a high state of mind, we have an amazing ability to access the “executive centre” of our brain (rather than being stuck in the animal nature), and in that place there are many answers waiting to come to light.

What is an action you can take? Get super clear.

Perhaps you will realize that you need to pick up your phone and call through your entire database and let your network know that you are thinking about them and are here to help. Maybe you need to stop procrastinating and start doing a certain thing. Maybe you could read a great book on getting more organized like Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.

You may be surprised that your brain already knows what you can do to solve your challenge!

3. Reach out for accountability

As I often say, “Leaders are not afraid of immediate discomfort, they are motivated by future triumphs.”

It might hurt your pocket-book or your schedule, but reach out to others for accountability. Start a business group at your brokerage, maybe join a mastermind group. There are even support groups online where you may find help.

Once you have an idea on a course of action, you must find the motivation to take action. If you can’t make yourself do what must be done, then include someone in that process with you.

The best way not to snack at night is to share your intention with your partner – they will call you out if you reach for the treats!

And by the end of the week, you might find that you have the results you wanted.

What separates us is the ability for transformation, to pick ourselves back up off the ground, to try again. Yes, things are always changing, but you, my friend, can overcome your challenges using these three simple steps.

Sue Styles has been in the real estate industry for more than a decade. She has managed a brokerage, teaches at the Calgary Real Estate Board and is a certified business coach, professional speaker and author. Her first book, Be Extraordinary - Right Where You Are! encourages administrative assistants and support staff to excel by following her practical and motivational tips. Her new book, The Little Red Stick - What Gets Measured Gets Done reveals all the secrets of high producing agents. Contact Sue by email or call 403-805-7710.


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