By Tracy MacCharles

People across Ontario understand the importance of real estate in this province, both as an investment and as a place to live and raise their family.

This past spring, the Ontario Government presented the Ontario Fair Housing Plan as a part of the 2017 Budget. The plan outlines our government’s commitment to work with real estate professionals and consumers to review the rules governing registered real estate professionals under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA). My ministry has committed to undertake this review in two phases.

We have just launched Phase 1 of the review by posting a consultation paper on the Ontario Regulatory Registry to get input from consumers and industry professionals on various areas of concern including important measures to address the practice of multiple representation or “double-ending”.

Phase 2, which will be a broader review of REBBA, will begin in spring 2018.

The consultation document is available online at Ontario’s Regulatory Registry for public comment until July 24. As an effective mechanism for meaningful dialogue, our consultation paper encourages feedback from all stakeholders and consumers alike.

Our government is committed to protecting consumers’ rights. As the minister responsible for REBBA, I encourage you to participate in the review and look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Tracy: I think that it would be a great idea for you to take the real estate licensing course prior to making any decisions regarding what to do about what you obviously have been forced to regard as a problem/problems that exists/exist respectively within the industry. Your concern is laudable, but truly understanding a business from the inside requires one to actually become immersed within same, if only from a short-term educational perspective. You are going to receive/consider arguments from both sides of the fence. It might be a good idea to have first-hand knowledge (by walking in the shoes of newly-hatched, wet-winged “professional” newbies) about just what they (consumers and Realtors) are getting at when they present their biased opinions. There is one concept, and only one concept, that you should keep firmly entrenched within your mind going forward toward the goal; PROFESSIONALISM.

    How does one create a culture that values PROFESSIONALISM above all else, i.e.; short-term commission chasing newbie desperadoes who come and go like quicky prostitutes at a hooker convention, not to mention high-flying Terry Paranych-types who don’t get it until they do get it from within the ranks of the regulators? How many Paranych’s are out there (and they are surely out there) roaming undetected by the authoriites, or by their clients?
    Bad news travels half-way around the world before good news wakes up in the morning. It is time to make the Realtor story a good news story that overtakes the bad news.

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