Two regional real estate MLS systems in Ontario have joined forces to provide services to 22 boards and associations and more than 13,000 Realtors.

The Ontario Collective (OC) and Ontario Regional Technology & Information Systems (ORTIS), have signed a Transition Agreement to blend their two separate systems into one common shared regional MLS system.

Steve Dickie, chair of the OC, says: “For going on decades now, progressive Realtors and associations have been working to break down the artificial walls that have separated them. This initiative will significantly enhance the opportunities and services for our Realtor members as well as their clients.”

“From the beginning, this has been a member-centric process where we have put the needs of the Realtor first and foremost,” says Brad Johnstone, ORTIS chair. “Realtors and their clients all have the same wants, needs and expectations, regardless of the size and location of the association they belong to.”

Johnstone says, “The systems our two groups developed independently of one another are powered by the same stable, secure, proven and reliable technology, and both were developed by Realtors for Realtors.

Both groups are using CoreLogic’s Matrix system to power their MLS services. Matrix is used by more than 700,000 Realtors in North America and 32,000 in Canada, the company says.

Combining the two systems into a seamless one will result in a “best-of-breed” solution by taking the lessons both groups learned in their individual regional projects and bringing them together, say the groups. “Central to this project from the beginning is the recognition that members are equal. No matter what part of the province a Realtor practices in they have the same need for high standards and dependable technology,” say the groups in a news release.

“We’re going to take the best of both systems and combine them together to make something even better,” says Kati Strickland, project manager of the OC. “We’re working with CoreLogic now to align the needed resources and flesh out our project plan with the objective of having members online with it in the fall of 2019.”

The OC is comprised of boards and associations in Bancroft, Kawartha Lakes, London and St. Thomas, North Bay, Northumberland Hills, Peterborough and The Kawarthas, Quinte, Grey Bruce Owen Sound, Southern Georgian Bay, The Lakelands, Tillsonburg and Woodstock-Ingersoll.

ORTIS includes boards and associations from Barrie, Brantford, Cambridge, Guelph, Huron- Perth, Kitchener-Waterloo, Mississauga, Niagara, Oakville, Milton and Simcoe.



  1. So…until recently we all had province wide MLS access through “Connect”. A lousy system for sure but the basic information was there. You have to ask why its not there now. Which association pulled support. The answer tells you why you don’t and probably will never in the foreseeable future have an Ontario wide MLS system. At the Hamilton-Burlington Association we always state we will share MLS data with any board as we have done with the Ortis boards for 3+years in spite of not being a member of Ortis. I hope that relationship will continue with the Ortis/Collective group for the benefit of all members.

  2. Completely agree Mechelle Cossaboom, hope TREB is seeing and listing to this and others who feel the frustration daily

  3. I would really like to see TREB part of this merger. So many other platforms with our information out there outperforming our very own realtor systems in Ontario. Very frustrating to see and deal with double listings we see on Realtor.Ca because one is listed on KWAR and the other on TREB. We’re losing our power. It’s time to cooperate for real!

  4. All of Ontario should be.under the same MLS. Archaic to be otherwise. TREB/DRAR need to join forces with the rest although I do prefer the TREB format.

  5. Most of the public already think MLS means all realtors have access to all MLS systems.
    It’s about time to do this, as the industry is in trouble as it stands

  6. Let’s face it….board fiefdoms are archaic and cost ineffective. One database for all…and all for one.
    The days of gaining power as a gatekeeper of information are long since past…a requiem for a dinasaur.

  7. Alberta has also done a agreement with all the Associations in the province to share their data and to have one MLS system for 9 boards giving them full access to all information , when it starts ,the Edmonton association members are the only board that will not have access .

  8. I could not agree more Christine. Only issue is that we do have access to TREB and when T.O. realtors get listings out of the TREB area and post them on TREB we do have access to those and that makes it tasking especially when your client finds it on and ask you why in hell have you not shown me this. I get that a lot as I do biz in the Hamilton area and in the Barrie area because of great contacts who provide me referrals. Come on TREB get with the program.

  9. This is amazing news. As a member of TREB I have made calls to enquire about this especially since we lost access to other boards through Connect. We are licensed to work anywhere in Ontario it only makes sense to have access to all the boards.

  10. TREB needs to get on board. Too many realtors in Barrie use the inaccessible (to others) TREB board making it very difficult to provide the needed services to clients.

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