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Cubic feet calculation is needed when you are building a new house, booking freight or for shipping. Cubic feet is the unit of volume used to measure the length, width and height of an object. Many building materials, such as soil, are sold in this unit.

Shipping companies usually do their costing by getting the volume of the object that is going to be delivered.

Besides construction and shipping, cubic feet calculation is required when you are measuring the material of things like steel, wood or even water. For example, if you have made a pond, you can use the cubic feet calculation to measure the water required for it.

Cubic feet can be calculated in different ways. It can be calculated manually, but now online tools are available to assist.

To determine cubic feet, you need only three basic measurements – length, width and height of the object.

You’ll need to know how to take the measurements. For example, if you are going to measure the volume of a refrigerator, you should consider measuring the refrigerator from the internal side rather than external. This is because the inside is the part of the refrigerator that’s used to store things. However, if you need to measure the volume of the refrigerator for locating it in a house, you should measure externally.

After the measurements, use the following formula or online cubic feet calculators to get the final result.

Cubic feet = length (feet) x width (feet) x height (feet).

Measuring the cubic feet for a regular-shape object is quite easy. But measuring an irregular shape can be more difficult. However, the online tools for measuring the cubic feet have made it easier because you have options for selecting different units.

Here are some online tools to do the job. is one of the best online tools for calculating cubic feet. It gives you the option of using it for free along with the variety of different units. These units include inch, feet, yard, millimeter, centimeter and meters. Once you enter your measurements, this tool shows you the picture of the measurements along with calculation to give you the result. offers around 200 calculators to help you “do the math” quickly in areas such as finance, fitness, health, math and other subjects. is another tool. You can use it for free with the option of different measuring units. This tool offers the option of entering the cost per cubic unit. In this way, you can get the estimated cost of the material you require.

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