With reference to the article in the November issue of REM, London Realtor seeks new designation for seniors:


As a senior, I do not agree with Mr. Hyman’s self-serving objective to reduce the membership dues for seniors. If pride and dignity still prevail, no board or association would impose regulations that adversely effect our future Realtors.


On the same page that Mr. Hyman’s story is published, CREA reports that the 1989/1990 membership was 93,588, while the June 2000 membership was 64,314. Other reports predict that the membership will be reduced by an additional 40 per cent over the next two to three years, and it has been stated that the current average Realtor age is 57.


You need not be a mathematician to conclude that all our local boards, including CREA and OREA, are facing hard times as a result of the reduced membership, to maintain the level of support that we have all enjoyed over the years. While most boards and associations have taken steps to cut costs, we can expect to pay increased fees in the future as a result of the reduced membership. But then, that is part of the cost of doing business anyway.


Therefore, present and future members should not, also, be required to pay more to support “Senior Members”. After all, real estate is free enterprise at its best. As such, you are expected to “lead, follow, or get out of the way”.


If a senior is unable to generate enough income to cover his or her fair share of the dues to maintain the good governance of our industry, then I say that he/she should get out of the business and not become an added burden to the remaining Realtors. Not everyone will agree with me, but that is the way that I see it.


Jean‑Paul R. D’Aoust

Sales Representative

Royal LePage Gale Real Estate


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