So, Re/Max Cornerstone held their ratification vote and are
now Local 2001 of the Brewery, General and Professional Worker's Union — Well, bully for you guys! You want a base rate
of pay because you’re always being asked to work for less? My, my, what is the
world corning to? And you won’t let the brokers list for less than six per cent
MLS. That's the spirit guys! You tell ‘em!

Your broker is obviously sold on it too, he's quoted as
saying, “This will make us more money as brokers and make our agents more money
and make them happier (because) they won’t be worried about how much money they
are going to make…everything will be better because they' ll have more money
to work with…”

Wake up, Canada!
This is obviously what this country needs. Organized real estate! Imagine, a
great big union that is going to take care of us all! Shop stewards negotiating
commissions for us with the sellers (oops, sorry, there are no negotiations).
Double time for Sunday open houses! Time and a half for evening appointments.
Seniority dictating who gets minimum wage. Picketing those who refuse to list
for six per cent. Label as scabs those Realtors who work for reduced
commissions. Ah, sweet music to my ears!

I can hear the songs! I can see the signs! I can hear the
chants. “We want more….we want more” as we, with sympathetic sellers and
buyers looking on at our bedraggled ranks, march, lock-step, along the Yellow
Brick Road to our Emerald City of Oz.

But, just like Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man, we may find
there is no Wizard. Even Dorothy eventually awoke to find that she hadn’t gone
anywhere, and that it was just a fanciful, elaborate, happily ending dream, a
result of being bumped on the head.

Perhaps like the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man, we may learn
that we already have all we need – or like Dorothy, just need some rest.

Pat Parker
Century 21 Royal Victoria Realty


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