The Ontario Regional Technology & Information Systems (ORTIS) and the Ontario Collective (OC) have launched their combined MLS system on the new Matrix 360 platform. The corporations serve 21 Realtor associations with a combined membership of more than 14,000 Realtors.

Trevor Schmidt
Trevor Schmidt

Trevor Schmidt, who most recently served as the interim CEO of the Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors, has been named project manager for the system.

“We’re very excited to have Trevor on board as we continue to strengthen and grow our regional MLS system,” says Brad Johnstone, chair of ORTIS. “Trevor brings 12 years of real estate association experience where he was the IT manager introducing new technologies to the organization and its membership, before becoming the COO.”

Allison McLure
Allison McLure

Allison McLure has been retained to develop a regional professional standards, discipline and arbitration framework for consideration by the ORTIS member associations. She previously worked as legal counsel to CREA for 12 years.

“Combining the Ontario Collective and the ORTIS MLS systems isn’t just about data and technology – co-operation and professionalism are equally important,” says Steve Dickie, OC chair. “In every member survey, professionalism comes back as one of the highest priorities for boards to address. Allison will provide us with a framework member associations can implement to help ensure that on our system all Realtors are providing consumers with the highest standards of service they expect and deserve.”

On April 1, ORTIS began the soft launch of its regional MLS system. All member associations now have access to the combined system.

The corporations say five additional real estate boards will soon be accessible via IntraMatrix: Cornwall and District Real Estate Board, Ottawa Real Estate Board, Sudbury Real Estate Board, Renfrew County Real Estate Board and the Rideau St. Lawrence Real Estate Board. The existing data integration with the Hamilton-Burlington Association of Realtors will continue.


  1. This is a bold and intellectual move in the right direction for the Province. Period.

    Nelson, didn’t TRREB spend 40 years worth their CEO’s salary fighting a losing battle in court over 1 VOW field?

    Open your eyes and see progress through regionalization not regression through ignorance.

  2. BIG BAD Bro TORONTO thinks they know everything and everyone else should adapt to them.

    BabySis& BabyBro (REST of ONT) are sooo jealous of Big Bro that they will do ANYTHING to make BIG look bad (and thereby discourage their own members from joining/collaborating with BIG(Meanie)Bro)

    Executives of Member associations sometimes succumb to fanciful tales told by Visiting Weavers and tell their assistants, advisers and job-dependent underlings to go along or be deemed hopelessly stupid and/or unfit to hold their (splendid) positions of responsibility.

    ‘Tis very hard to know who’s right … when everybody who’s talking is partially wrong.

    Until one day, members have enough time off from sales to delve into what these Executives have been doing while the members have been too-busy to watch closely.

    WE TOO are guilty of not being watchful.
    But it’s not too late

    Elections have consequences — Vote online May 19-25, 2020

    AND Annual Meetings ARE a time to call for Any Emperors w No Clothes to Account.
    See you at Virtual TRREB meeting on 27th of May

    Enjoy the opportunities and inventions that necessity had mothered for us


  3. Nelson, I think you are greatly misinformed on the practice of these two organizations. Each Board or Associations is still an individual entity to provide local support, advocacy, and services. Keeping the individual brand for each individual market. As we all know, the Ontario market is extremely versatile. The services provided by each Board is much more than a simple MLS system to post listings.

    I’d love to see the statistics that go with your outlandish comments regarding staff pay. Do these staff not deserve to be paid, take holidays, and health coverage? The staff are the front line and the ones who are there to support the Board/Associations members.

    I’d also like to see where you get the information regarding the surplus. How far do you think the surplus will get each Board? What happens after they rush to use the surplus, and these circumstances continue for another 4-5 months? How much of a surplus do you think these non-for-profit organizations are holding?

    I think you are grossly mistaken on what a local Board/Association provides. Perhaps you’ve simply overlooked it, or perhaps you’ve become so enrooted in entitlement.

  4. The question now that must be asked especially as we exit Lock down is why would any rational business who really only needs an MLS to post and read listings and ensure they get uploaded to CREA and the DFF or
    want to keep 21 MLS system Staffs in operation.

    Most MLS system full time staff members take home more than 60% of the members of the association do. They get paid holidays, long weeks off, pension plans and some even health insurance, all things paid for by members fees.

    Since everyone now is using Matrix can’t support for everyone come from one place?

    Is their a reason the Surplus held in your local MLS system is not now used to offset your fees and dues or even RECO insurance? Clearly when they hire McClure the intent to create universal MLS system rules across all boards so why would you keep handing money over to keep Staff on when your family could use that cash?

    Do you really believe Broker Owners with 10s or 100s of sales reps are going to want to make the foolish and unnecessary business decision to keep a local board office open?

    Maybe you are foolish enough to fund 21 real estate associations when only one is needed?

  5. Congratulations to ORTIS members on having achieved this amazing milestone in Organized Real Estate. This has taken a great deal of work and the entire industry is better for it.

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