By Dan LeFave

Do you have rich mindset or a poor mindset? Are you receiving enough money to feed your ideal lifestyle? What if you could have a roadmap to follow so you can have a rich mindset with less friction and effort?

There’s a common theme that change is constant and inevitable, but personal growth is choice – and the change isn’t on the surface at the behavioural level, but at a deeper level of your self-image, values, beliefs and your thought processes.

Who you are is an obstacle to becoming who you want to be. The longer you stay who you are, the more of a roadblock it becomes. The more that we can re-envision ourselves and change our perceptions about the world around us, the easier we can loosen our grip on our reality. Letting go of who you used to be is the fastest way to opening new doors to the right opportunities.

What is your money motivation? We as human beings can be motivated by pain or pleasure and as it turns out we are much more motivated to move away from pain than we are to move toward pleasure. It’s about twice as much according to research.

If we’re motivated by pain and pleasure and our emotions are affected by our reaction to different motivations, how do you think we’re going to behave on average?  As you can imagine, we’re going to be running away from things more often than trying to achieve or create something.

Motivation comes from within, from your state of mind, your emotions, your mood – the chemicals that run through you that tune you into a channel of success or failure.

The best way to think about emotions is that they are chemicals or chemical reactions that control our thoughts, feelings and actions – essentially our attitudes. They cause us to take action that we wouldn’t generally consider, such as jumping from a cliff into the water or asking someone across the floor to dance. Deep emotions are the driving forces, the chemical rush that causes us to want to procreate – and we can tap into the same energy to be more successful.

Our emotional system evolved many years ago and we tend to respond to situations the same way as we always did. We think our results stem from conscious logical thinking when in truth it comes from our older brain – our subconscious mind. The subconscious is more highly evolved and controls 96 to 98 per cent of our results, behaviours and actions. Most people live in their conscious mind and operate almost solely on what’s coming in through their senses without giving any consideration to their older brains – like the limbic system. Our older brains are keeping us away from danger, keeping us safe, helping us to survive and prodding us to find mates and reproduce.

You’ve probably heard the saying that “we become what we think about all day long.” Well it’s been proven to be true and if you’re not sure, devote most your day to thinking about what you want and get your emotions involved. There’s more going on than what’s on the surface and there is a hard drive in our minds that’s designed for survival and success. Everything you put your attention on gets rolled into this hard drive and it takes it and makes permanent, through habit, the thoughts that you think about the most.

So just when you think you are in control of your life, recognize that it’s your old stories taking over your thinking. You will logically make up reasons to explain the actions you took so you can feel good about them. There are excuses and results in life, but they’re like oil and water and don’t mix. You can only have one or the other. Past conflicts and circumstances cause friction in our mind today, because they are old programs replaying to keep us from doing harm to ourselves. These old patterns were planted in our minds mostly by well-meaning people like our parents.

Let’s say you are trying to increase your mindset and have a rich and fulfilling lifestyle and at the same time you hear about starving children in another part of the world. What happens if you think something like, “I don’t need to have riches when people are starving in the world.” That’s the internal conflict between what you learned and what you really want. You learned that you shouldn’t have more when so many people have less. You are essentially at a standstill and you likely don’t do anything and stay the same.

The reality, when you think about it, is that when you have more money and resources, you can support others at a much higher level than you can right now. If you stay the way you are, you won’t be able to help anyone else. But your mind is happy staying the same and keeping you safe, while at the same time not impacting belief systems around having more for yourself.

If you’re emotionally upset, nothing else matters. Let’s say your physical health isn’t where it should be. Then your emotional health is going to be at the same level or worse. It’s hard to have good emotional health with an unhealthy body. We’re just not wired that way. Think about the last time you experienced a cold or a flu. Did you maintain a positive emotional outlook or did you lose it because you were sensitive and feeling low on energy? Make sure that your health is strong and that will make space for your emotional well-being, which will allow you to think better. Your creativity and optimism will be sky-high because you will be operating at your optimal level.

Okay, so check in. How do you feel about money? How do you feel when you think about money? What comes up? Be honest! When you think about money, do you feel anxiety, do you feel anticipation, do you feel fear? What do you feel?

Dan LeFave is the “Prepare for Success” coach, No. 1 best-selling author, speaker, habit-changer and the creator of the online program Live Without Limitations – Five Easy Steps to Release Old Limitations and Balance Your Life. He has been profiled on radio shows, in magazines, articles and podcasts, from Manhattan to Vancouver. Dan’s motto is, “Thoughts become untangled as they pass through your lips and over fingertips.” Visit his website.


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