Montreal-based Metareal recently released Metareal Stage, which makes it possible to create real 3D virtual tours using existing photographic equipment, without the need for dedicated scanning technology. The resulting tours, floorplans and dollhouse models can be viewed in web browsers, via mobile devices and in VR. Soon it will be available for download for offline use.

“We’re incredibly proud to make this technology publicly available,” says Gareth Morgan, CEO and co-founder of Metareal. “Using just their existing equipment, real estate and virtual tour, photographers can quickly and easily create extremely high-quality 3D virtual tours.”

An open platform, Metareal Stage gives photographers the freedom to create true 3D virtual tours without needing expensive, dedicated scanning devices or third-party authoring platforms, the company says. Using simple 360 images, Stage works with virtually any off-the-shelf 360 camera or panorama-equipped DSLR, it says.

Metareal says it is able to offer highly competitive subscription options by using much less data compared to scanner-based virtual tour solutions, with 3D tours opening more quickly than competing offerings, particularly on mobile devices.

Watch the Metareal Stage teaser video.


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