By Ryan Hodge

Real estate is a highly engaging business that requires a substantial amount of energy output for success. What we often don’t realize is that we must manage the energy coming into each of our experiences just as efficiently.

Whether you’re facing challenges with clients, colleagues or time management, research how to maintain optimal energy levels to sustain long-term success. Here are four discoveries to consider for your own personal energy management.


Often overwhelming at first but highly effective, this process may serve you well on even a small level each day. Clarity is not an achievement but is an existing part of our well being.

Consider a five minute “breath focused” meditation, simply detaching from the thoughts that come into your mind as best you can. My simplest advice is to start slow and just try your best. Start with five minutes, moving up to 10 minutes, 15, 20 and so on over time. I find mornings are the best time and just starting the process may do you wonders.

You may also find some excellent “guided meditations” on Google and YouTube to get you started. One of my favourites is Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue.

Emotional freedom techniques, also known as Tapping:

This highly effective ritual is a bridge between ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. It is a fast and effective strategy for relief from circumstances you may be encountering or putting extra or unnecessary thought into. By “tapping” on specific points of your body, you lessen the charge associated with your situation or things you may not feel good about. You will put yourself on the path of alignment and well being.

Chakra work and energy scans:

This is another form of awareness. It’s a system based on scanning various parts of the body including your “crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras.” These are the common names given to different centres of energy in your body.

Understanding how energy enters and exits your body can be useful in navigating your own path and determining challenges and “blocks”. You will learn to find resolve and embrace all at once. There are many resources available to guide you in this space and I encourage you to consider reiki as an option for some additional support when you first start out.

Understanding two universal laws:

Although there are many universal laws, start by focussing on two that are commercialized and exposed in mainstream media. The Universal Law of Attraction is a great place to start in understanding that “like attracts like”. We do not attract what we want, but we attract what we are. In understanding and applying this principle you can navigate your own energy and well being, attracting more of the same into your own experience.

The Universal Law of Association is just as important to understand that although we have an energy output, we also have an energy input. In other words, we “take on” other peoples’ energy in every experience that we encounter.

This law indicates that we become like the five people we associate with most. What an excellent place of reflection and discovery and a point of reference for your current space and time.

Energy work is a vast topic spanning many different systems and resources. You could study this work for lifetimes and still only scratch the surface of the resources and guidance available to you.

The purpose of this article is to broaden your horizons on what energy work may do for you inside and outside of your real estate career, enhancing each of your experiences as you move forward on your journey.

Be well. Be love.


  1. You wrote: “The Universal Law of Association is just as important to understand that although we have an energy output, we also have an energy input. In other words, we “take on” other peoples’ energy in every experience that we encounter.”

    Very true, indeed, reflecting the old adage: “We are judged by the company we keep.”

    I recall trying to draw attention to this, using these words, explaining how important it is, when my children were growing up, a half century ago. A few in today’s world might think about sharing this with their teens. There are so many good ones out there. Associate with them. The “goodness” does rub off. We often only hear about the not so good ones in the news, sadly. Model mentors are desperately needed, in all age groups.

    Years went by and again I came across the expression: “You are judged by the company you keep.” And I had an aha moment… I incorporated the saying into my advertising of the times… Especially using those words, as a new boutique company back in 1991, saying some such:

    “You are judged by the company you keep. . . You will want to “keep our company” working for/with you by connecting with Carolyne today,” and showing all the ways to contact me, and later on, in 1997, when the web appeared, I implemented it yet again as a call to action, inviting my readers to review the many possibilities in my web site consumer education articles, by cross-referencing my URL in every piece of promo, adding such things as “keep my company,” ~ top of mind, for your personal real estate needs. Followed always by: “Thanks for your continued support. . . ” on every piece of marketing material.

    “You’re in good company” with our company sign on your lawn…” And: “I’ve got a SOLD sign waiting for you.”

    One thing not mentioned in the grouping of in article ideas is the “Law of Consistency.” In particular in regard to subliminal advertising, much talked about when wide-screen theatre movies started talking about its impact so many years ago. Too many years ago to remember… But some REM readers will recall discussions advertising companies had about flash across the screen copy sometimes with just one word: for example “Coke,” and “Number 7” (as in cigarettes).

    Not unlike gravity, it’s just an is. And whether we know it, like it, admit it, believe it, approve of it, doesn’t much matter. It’s happening all around us, all the time: how we walk, how we talk, how we dress, our elevator speech, our kindness to others, our “reflecting/reflection (who looks back at us daily in the mirror)…”

    We keep the company of that person everywhere we go, and some others keep it (the subliminal picture), too.

    One good tip, top of mind is continuity and conformity and uniformity. Adopt a style: and keep it, make it yours. Whether it’s the consistency of colour combination that when people see it, they know it’s yours, your (even unusual) hairstyle, how you walk, how you talk, how you present yourself even in off-duty time, how you can be relied upon to follow up and follow through every time (word gets around).

    And whether you’re an adult, a teen, or a business person: “you ARE judged by the company you keep.” That’s just the way of the world. Again: not unlike gravity, and the exponential curve.

    And having said all this, it’s the chief reason in many cases, why some succeed and others don’t. They choose a “company” to associate themselves with, but have no idea what the co-relationship really stands for; what it really means. You simply cannot get away from top-down management. It is what it is. Period.

    Carolyne L ?

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