In response to “CREA president Andrew Peck on the state of the real estate industry“:

I might suggest you re-interview Andrew Peck.

Andrew Peck says, “There are a few (Realtors) who will chirp and say this is terrible and I don’t think they understand (Freudian slip?) that this is not going to do away with your ability to work on both sides of the transaction.”

Well Andy, as usual CREA was out of touch, a day late and a dollar short and perhaps YOU should not have chirped before YOU had all the facts. That is exactly what it means and there are still more changes to come.  Thanks to the grotesque apathy from both our provincial and federal organizations, we in B.C. now have an unprecedented situation of dual recusal.  Should I have a buyer client and a seller client not only can I not work both sides of the transaction through Limited Dual Agency, now I must recuse myself from BOTH sides.

Readers should consider the impact on smaller communities where there is perhaps only one licensee. Yes, there is an exemption, but the test is so onerous that I doubt there will ever be an exemption approved.

Realtors may wish to consider that if this sort of thing can happen in B.C. it can happen elsewhere.

The goal was to protect the public. However, the result is to take away consumer choice.  The cure in this case is akin to amputating your leg to heal an ingrown toenail.  Whether you believe in Limited Dual Agency or not, it was a choice that should have been left to the consumer, once properly and fully informed, to make.  It was not a choice for government to make and that point should have been made from the rooftops by CREA and BCREA, but alas, they were napping.  The deafening silence by CREA and BCREA when it was needed can leave absolutely no doubt that they have zero relevance in organized real estate.


Bryan Watkins, RI(BC)
General Manager and Managing Broker
Royal LePage – Advance Realty Ltd.


  1. Ever since BCREA spent over 1 million of our dues encouraging us all to become a big happy family without (in my opinion) having a clue how this would work or not work, I have felt there is one to many “REAS” with their collective hand in my pocket. Now we see the move to have BCREA educate us as well. Not in favor! Oh and re the Bell Cell deal, not going to have BCREA look after my cell plan either!!! 41 years selling real estate, 21 in BC and still see us having WAYyyyyyyy too much oversight, especially now that the real oversight has nothing to do with BCREA. We are in for a ride that no one asked for and only a few deserve IMHO

  2. Agree wholeheartedly with the author. This was apathy at it’s worst.This critical path should have been challenged and negotiated with a view to a much smarter result.Where are the leaders and decision makers in our industry hiding these days? We are far too accepting of these decisions that have a far reaching and huge impact on the future of our industry. How about some good old horse sense logic again that says “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

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