An interesting real estate story happened at our office recently. I work as an office assistant at L.E. Realty in Regina. One of our agents had a rural property listing but due to an injury was unable to retrieve the sign standard.

Our broker, Lucinda Eilers, and I travelled the hour out to the property, grabbed the sign and loaded it into her vehicle. We drove an hour back into the city, had lunch and then drove to inspect another property we had listed in the city. Lucinda heard an unusual noise coming from her trunk and asked me to listen.

We pulled over and inspected….we found a nest of five baby birds in the sign.

Feeling bad about accidentally taking the birds, we contacted a bird rehabilitation clinic in Moose Jaw (about an hour away) who told us that because of the situation the birds could not be returned to their parents. We drove them out there that afternoon and the birds are doing just fine.

Lesson: If you use plastic sign standards, always check inside first. You never know what could be inside.

Justice Eilers

L.E. Realty



  1. May you be blessed for your kindness and caring of God's creatures. You did the right thing.

    You know that not many people would have done what you did. It would be good if there were more people like you, in the world.

    Carolyne L

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