With regard to the article in REM about lawyers selling real
estate, Mr. Silverstein, because of his position and knowledge of the real
estate industry, cannot claim innocence or ignorance.  He knew what was coming down the pipe line.

There should be an article written called  Could Real Estate Agents Become Lawyers?
After all, why should the real estate job finish with the signing of the
Purchase and Sale Agreement and then have it finalized by the lawyer? The
lawyer has his legal secretary and others do the paper work.  He only signs

Since we are involved at the beginning and have the
knowledge of the whole transaction, we could handle everything. With some
education and training (similar to what legal secretaries
receive) the real estate agent could carry on and complete
the whole transaction.

This also would become an add-on service‑as suggested in The
Publishers’ Page article, Grocery stores and Realtor offices (July). A very
good article!

Ted Eker
HomeLife/Cimerman Real Estate Ltd.


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