Chantel Williams
Chantel Williams

A Kitchener, Ont. sales rep used humour and Halloween to turn the vandalism of her sign into a social media victory.

Chantel Williams, a sales rep with Re/Max Real Estate Centre, had one of her for sale signs vandalized a few months ago. Someone used a black marker to draw horns, an eye patch and a beard on Williams’ photo on the sign.

She told the Kitchener Post that the sign had been sitting in her garage ever since, but she “sorta forgot about it until Halloween was approaching and we had a party to go to.”

She decided to go to the party dressed as the vandalized sign.

Photos were posted to social media sites and Williams says she was surprised to get hundreds of likes and shares, as well as news media coverage.

“In this situation, I look the lemons and made lemonade,” she told the Post.


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