By Toby Welch

Jenni Bast, an agent with Century 21 Dome Realty in Regina, shares what gets her motivated every morning after seven years in the industry:

“It’s a known fact that real estate agents wake up unemployed every morning. It’s the:

  • thrill of the chase for the next prospect
  • smiling faces of my colleagues when I walk into the office every day
  • excitement you see from a first-time homebuyer when they move into a home and into the next chapter of their life
  • a hug you receive from a seller when you’re putting up the sold sign in their yard
  • fist bump or high five that you receive from your co-workers or broker after you just negotiated a deal.

You have to celebrate the successes in life.”

Jenni Bast
Jenni Bast

Celebrating even the smallest accomplishments can keep you motivated to continue crushing the roadblocks. All successes should be recognized. Giving yourself a mental pat on the back for a job well done will go a long way in keeping you moving forward.

Richelle Plumstead, a sales rep with Re/Max Group Four Realty Ltd. in Fredericton, finds motivation by living in a state of gratitude.

“I know that might sound cliché or that I am saying this in attempt to impress someone but it’s the truth. In 17 years I’ve experienced some incredible highs and some desperate lows, with each experience bringing new insights and knowledge. It can be very easy to allow negative situations to consume you and monopolize your thoughts. Waking up in the morning with six accepted offers and having those six offers fall apart is an awful lot for any one person to absorb and overcome. This is where I dig deep and find things to be grateful for! I truly believe that you attract what you think about and that one small mental shift can drastically change the way your day will go.”

Plumstead adds, “You will have an epiphany at some point during your career and you will decide to either suck it up and work through those challenging times or you will decide that your sacrifices just simply aren’t worth it. Either way, you’re absolutely right! Make your decision based on what you want and find a balance between your personal life and your work life.”

Richelle Plumstead
Richelle Plumstead

Dave Philps, a sales rep with DFH Real Estate Ltd. in Victoria, is motivated by the same thing that motivated him 30 years ago when he started in real estate. “I get immense satisfaction from assisting clients through the intricacies of what will be, for most of them, the largest financial transaction they will ever make. At the end of the process there is nothing better or more satisfying than a happy client who says, ‘I had no idea how to accomplish this move, but you made it seem very easy.’”

Philps keeps motivated with actions. “If I have some extra time in the day I will try to do ‘value added’ things for my clients: send them a market update for their residential area, forward them a topical news item regarding interest rates, changing mortgage rules. I also try to remember that the things I do today, which may not seem to be accomplishing anything in the way of an immediate sale, will likely pay off in an ‘easy’ sale in six months or a year, and the only reason that sale seemed ‘easy’ was because of the client service that I provide today.”

Doing what needs to be done, especially when you don’t want to do it, can have tremendous motivational side effects. Action is often a huge first step in the right direction. A side benefit to keeping your motivation level high is momentum; that tends to increase your career satisfaction and keep your knowledge base growing.

Dave Philps
Dave Philps

Finding motivation by constantly learning something new is what Jean Richer, a salesperson with Keller Williams Integrity Realty in Ottawa, recommends for agents who are struggling. For him, the routine of the day keeps him motivated. Richer works from home and while he acknowledges that might be challenging for others, knowing what he has to do is the ticket for him.

“Preparing my calendar the night before makes a huge difference in my motivation during the day. I work seven days a week. I love what I do but it is also essential to put time aside for friends, family, health and entertainment.”

It’s been proven that when people feel their work is contributing to a goal, they are more motivated to do their job. And the work they do tends to be a higher calibre. Try keeping your goal for working in real estate in the forefront of your mind. Seeing yourself move toward that goal can be massively motivating.

For some agents, using affirmations and/or uplifting messages helps keep motivation levels high. By keeping negative thoughts at bay and focusing on positive ideas, you can affect your motivation level with your thoughts.

Jean Richer
Jean Richer

Bast offers some final tidbits, “Keep your chin up! Keep on truckin’! Attend all the meetings and training that your company runs. You can never stop learning. A piece of advice I learned from my dad/associate broker, Brian Bast, is to attend all the social events that you can. Be seen out in public. Never be afraid to initiate conversation with strangers to tell them who you are and what you do. You can’t always hide in the office and cold call all day. You have to find a way to drive up business that works well with your personality.”

What motivates you will be different from what motivates the agent in the office next to you. Take the time to figure out what you need to keep moving forward.


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