By Michael Krisa

In this week’s video, author, speaker and trainer Don Hutson shares something called the Slight Edge Principle. The difference between winning the Olympic gold or nothing at all can be a mere fraction of a second; a slight edge one athlete had over the next.

The same is true in sales, with two agents competing for the deal but only one can win. That difference could be ever so slight, but enough to make the difference! Watch the video or read the full article here.

Michael Krisa has a unique style that demystifies video marketing and helps brokers and agents alike implement this powerful strategy into their marketing mix, using nothing more than their mobile devices. Michael received his real estate license in 1989 and is a licensed real estate broker, a syndicated columnist and a freelance internet marketing consultant. As a sought-after speaker and trainer, he is best known for helping to utilize video and video marketing in a way that actually works to make Realtors money! With over 400 interviews to his credit, Michael has become recognized as “That Interview Guy”. Send him an email.


  1. Not wanting to sound critical, I feel the need to point out, not just in this case, but in so many such add-on promo bits, or mini-bio’s, the giant opportunity missed by a real estate agent: the huge opportunity of networking in the real estate field, completely missed.

    This perfect example: (highlighted and copied and pasted from his):
    ***a licensed real estate broker,***
    *** internet marketing consultant.***
    “Michael Krisa

    Michael is ***a licensed real estate broker,*** a syndicated columnist and a freelance *** internet marketing consultant.*** As a sought after speaker and trainer, he is best known for helping to utilize video and video marketing in a way that actually works to make you money! As Executive Editor, Michael is very excited to bring his years of experience in real estate marketing to the team.”
    Always my first thought is: why does the promo bit not say WHERE? Presenting this training ad-like piece here on REM is an opportunity like no other to connect with colleagues, for sure. But the same concept trips up agent-promo-marketing thousands of times across the net.

    Does your website and internet marketing say “where” you do business? … as a dominant tag or eye-catch ID? I have seen countless numbers of agents since joining the Internet fray in 1997, do exactly the same thing.

    Aside from a brokerage name needing to be a dominant notation, closely followed by your name, what is it all worth if no one knows WHERE your work domicile is?

    Certainly important for the engines to find you when someone is online searching for an agent in your career location. It would be a rare chance that your name would come up, being dedicated in the search for a provider of whatever service you offer, in your area.

    And since REM is read the world over, I merely point out this repeated missed networking opportunity.

    On an additional note, I don’t know if it is wise to multitask market? Has CREA has ever surveyed public opinion as to if a buyer or seller would lean into doing business with agents offering multiple lines of service? Such as he who states his full time job is being an insurance salesman or travel expert, a major league hockey player, traveling the country, often out of town, or a local cab driver who cannot connect with his buyers or sellers only at specific times when he is off shift.

    When I was fully active in real estate, (family cancer obligation curtailed my real estate practice), this was one of the very first things I learned: location, location, location (matters).

    In this situation, if a colleague was referring a real estate client in or out, a giant opportunity has been missed herein. Unless one were to google the writer/service provider agent’s specific name (and who takes the time to do that?) when looking for a real estate agent since there’s so many to choose from in any location; there’s no telling where (no city mentioned, or country) the real estate broker does do real estate broker business. And what a missed opportunity for the referenced “team,” too.

    When I was active, I always signed my real name, my boutique company name, a link line by which to email me, and a cross-link to my website, on which at each page a go-back link to my home (aka landing page, where, there on each page, a reader could see how to contact me in multiple ways. Why is the “contact me” info on web sites often buried on a dedicated page for such, sometimes even inaccessible?

    Now for me, after 37 years, at age 75, with my work life on hold, real estate “networking” as such doesn’t matter anymore (those who know me, know me already, and those who don’t, it doesn’t matter), so I simply sign off at REM as:

    Carolyne L 🍁

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