I am writing in response to the articles which have appeared
in REM regarding the court case regarding Linda Hunt and Sutton Group.  In my opinion, some very important
information is missing in these articles.

On the day of the Christmas party, Linda started work at 1
pm and was expected to answer the telephone and clean up after the guests had
gone.  She wasn't just a guest at the
Christmas party, she was an employee being paid to do a job.  At the trial, assumptions drawn from
toxicology tests after the accident found that Hunt's blood alcohol level was
twice the legal limit when she left the office party and that she had only
consumed two drinks at the pub.

If I host a party, I know my responsibilities and
liabilities when it comes to my guests and the consumption of alcohol.  We all know that people under the influence
make bad decisions.

I make the appropriate arrangements to ensure the safety of
my guests whether they agree or not. 
Likewise, my friends wouldn't let me take one step out the door with car
keys in hand after a few drinks; as a matter of fact my friends wouldn't even
allow me to walk alone.  It doesn't take
a rocket scientist to know that possible danger looms ahead.  Looking out for one's safety is not only
being a good friend/employer, it's being responsible and being responsible is
everyone's obligation.

Kimberly Rutherford
Executive Officer
Rideau‑St. Lawrence Real Estate Board
Brockville, Ontario


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