By Richard Robbins

If you’re in a market that is experiencing multiple offer situations, here are five ideas to help give you a competitive advantage.  Make sure your buyers are prepared to put in their best offer – with their deposit ready to go and with no conditions if at all possible. Ask your buyers, “Are we making an offer, or are we trying to win?”  Make sure you are well prepared so that you and the buyers have no regrets if they don’t get the home.

Richard Robbins is co-founder and CEO of Richard Robbins International, a global sales and business coaching organization that amassed over $50 million dollars in revenue worldwide in its first 10 years alone. The organization’s explosive 3,000 per cent growth is attributed largely to the transformational impact Richard Robbins’ unique methodologies have had, and continue to have, on the businesses and lives of thousands of sales professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders at all levels worldwide.


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