By Mary-Anne Gillespie

Why did you initially become a Realtor? Or better yet, why did you become an entrepreneur? We know that ingrained in everyone’s answer to that question is the desire for freedom. Entrepreneurs get to build their businesses on their terms, in their time, where they want to. You set your hours, hustle as hard as you need to, choose who you work with and ultimately, design your own life.

During this unprecedented time, many entrepreneurs, including Realtors, are struggling with their freedom being put on pause. With so many new restrictions placed on how we conduct business and what we can and cannot do, it might feel like your freedom has been taken away. But it hasn’t. It has been placed on pause for the greater good and when this pandemic is over, you will get back at it.

Do not let this pause stop you from working on your business. To help you rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit during this uncertain time, here are some ideas for creating freedom.

1. Hop on a Zoom call, WhatsApp call or Google Hangout

If you are missing having the freedom to socialize with your friends, contacts and clients, start planning video gatherings. Take it to the next level by choosing a theme for the hangout, like Taco Tuesday or Pink Cocktails. There are even apps that allow you to play games with your friends on camera.

You still have the freedom to socialize, it just has to look a little different right now.

2. Turn off social media for a day

If the pressure to respond to every comment and post consistently is making your freedom feel stifled, designate Saturdays as “social-media-free days. On Saturdays, you have the freedom to do whatever you want without the nagging pressure to get online. You could take it a step further by disconnecting from media altogether. No TV, no YouTube, no electronics.

You have the freedom to choose how you want to spend your digital-free day.

3. Create themed days with clients – have some fun!

Tell all the clients you are virtually meeting tomorrow to wear their favourite sports jerseys. Or, to wear an outfit that represents their heritage. You could pick any theme you want to make your client meetings more fun. By having the option to choose a theme, you temporarily regain that sense of freedom.

4. Explore new business channels

During this pause, you have the freedom to make changes and updates to your business. Maybe you want to start a YouTube channel or start doing more live videos on social media. Perhaps you want to get more involved with community events (online for now). These are all new avenues you have the freedom and time to explore.

Freedom is really just the ability to do what you want when you want. You can make your own decisions about almost everything in your business including your marketing, communication, team and more. There’s no reason to pause your business because some of your freedom has been paused. Create your own freedom and get to work!

Mary-Anne Gillespie is a real estate coach and owner of Red Apple Coaching, with more than 740 top producing Realtor clients. She believes we have no limits to the possibilities that exist in building great businesses. Published in Forbes and sought out to consult industry leaders; coaching and real estate is Mary-Anne’s passion. She says, “Wondering how you can improve your business during this time? Take our free Business Assessment and we will send you practical and effective recommendations for your next steps.”


  1. The online space has been crazy lately with so many opinions and so much information coming at us head-on. Having a pause day or multiple pause blocks of time during the week has been a very positive addition to my work week. Even just taking a block of one to two hours to spend some time with my kids has been a great way to check out and get a recharge.

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