By Justin Kerby

One hundred million leads are generated in our industry every year, but the close rate is something in the range of two to five per cent. Here are five tips on how to handle your leads so you can stop wasting time with bad leads and increase your close rate.

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  1. Hello Neil

    What an interesting observation.

    It has been many years since we had an opportunity to work together. I remember you as a consummate professional in every way.

    I have related previously on REM how years ago a local bank lost a mega million dollar account opportunity. An incoming customer represented a Japanese company. It was Friday. “Dress-down Friday.”

    This included hair askew, unshaven facial growth, large plastic junk jewellery, bare feet and yes, flip flops. And when the Japanese man saw the staff at that particular branch, he thanked the manager and excused himself and left.

    I happened to be in the branch that day, dressed as usual in my business suit. I remember also being surprised at how the staff was dressed. It was a brand new “concept.” As is often the case in the new world order, some people overdid the concept.

    There’s a big difference between casual and inappropriate. We were all taught not to judge a book by its cover, but we intend to do so. Oddly enough it doesn’t hold true anymore that the old banker’s image stands for professionalism. We were also taught you could “always” trust a cop, a priest, and or a teacher. Of course we know that although they are mostly good people, the term no longer applies.

    And the bank manager of the day was a whole family-client of mine. He called me into his office to share what had just transpired. As kindly as possible (he was dressed in a suit, shirt and tie, not in the flip flops and nearly beachwear his staff wore) I had to tell him I agreed with the Japanese businessman. He said he agreed, too but couldn’t buck head office new banking “rules.”

    Historically we had come to expect and respect “banker’s blue,” as a sign of professionalism. Of course that isn’t necessarily a true assessment or representation but many test surveys have been done on the subject.

    Might have something to do with the old expression: “spit and polish.”

    Please tell me that is not a beer bottle on the table/desk in the video? But we shouldn’t criticize – different strokes for different folks. There’s a lid for every pot, and as such, variables will appeal to those of like mind? You attract leads who relate to you and your/their comfort zone. It’s really all about a meeting of the minds.

    Carolyne L ?

  2. If you want to teach me how to convert leads and deal with customers, the least you could do is appear on a video with a shave and wearing something you take out the garbage in.

    • I don’t like being negative, but I see your point. I remember when we were taught “dress for success”. But I guess I am “old school”.

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