By Richard Robbins

How will “sold data” affect your business? Here are my thoughts on how you can use this huge change to your advantage.


  1. Dear RRI, IMHO some of your understanding about the details/facts about the Order’s command to offer Public Data (after closing date) behind a password-protected entry point and what I think I hear you saying about “posting Sale Prices & then capturing contact info” varies from my understanding.
    Further there is the distinct and separate PRIVACY restriction on use of any (Private or Public) Sold Prices for ADVERTISING.
    For example — If …. a Registrant announces/promotes/claims/ explains that it’s website is the best/ foremost/ most comprehensive source for ~do it yourself property price investigating/ researching/ lurking/ spying~, then I would venture that the registrants “value-proposition”, “unique selling identifier” as a/the source of MLS Sold Prices is being advertised, is the focus of the advertisement and is therefore a PRIVACY violation

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