By Nectaria Kladitis

Having been in the real estate industry since 2005, I can tell you how marketing for the right buyer has changed drastically.

When I was first hired as a salesperson for a huge developer, I was promoting many of our listings through magazines – flight books and magazines and holiday magazines. We were producing promotional material and leaving it in key locations.

Every weekend my partner and I would be in airports traveling to prime destinations to attend sold-out trade shows. We would meet a selection of the wealthiest people looking to invest in real estate in different countries. They often bought from us, sight unseen, based on our marketing pitch about the area and the floor plan.

Things have drastically changed over the last couple of years.

In today’s market, if you don’t narrow down who your buyer profile is, it will be extremely difficult to market a property to him.

On several of my listings, couples have walked in and knew the property inside out, without ever stepping foot in it before. They had fallen in love with the property from their phone screen. That’s because we effectively dissected who the property profile buyer would be and then set out to write content and market to that specific buyer.

I wasn’t interested in a different buyer type. I knew that this was a family home in a great community with a neighbourhood best suited for families with young children and the best schools.

The buyers who came through the front door had already envisioned their children going to the school down the street, playing in the backyard of the house and eating at the dinner table. They had already chosen everyone’s bedroom.

Along with the offer they mentioned how they had already envisioned themselves living in the house from the photos, video and story creation I had made promoting the property.

Today I do not rely on marketing a specific property to everyone. I focus on the property and to the person who would be the best-suited candidate to live in that house, on that specific street on that area. The times I have been told that the buyers felt I was talking straight to them are countless.

Effective marketing for the buyer and the seller means talking to them through our new marketing means. Video, stories and great photos have made me stand out in my community and be an award-winning broker from day one.

As real estate agents we are hired to be able to effectively market our listings.

The first step starts with imagining the buyer best suited for the specific property and the rest will fall into place.

Nectaria Kladitis, born and raised in Toronto, is bilingual in English and Greek. She has expertise in human resource management (MSc), psychology, property investment and marketing. As the broker of a real estate office in Europe she gained global knowledge on how to successfully market your property to potential investors worldwide using social media marketing, mobile optimization and home prep services. She is a broker at Re/Max Hallmark in Toronto.


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