The Heaps Estrin Real Estate Team from Royal LePage in Toronto has teamed with BMW Canada to stage the exterior of exceptional properties. The initiative sees the luxury automotive company placing their highest-end vehicles in the driveways of some luxury listings in the GTA.

BMW cites a Google survey that says a house is the largest purchase most Canadians make, followed closely by their vehicle. The survey says 33 per cent of Canadian luxury vehicle purchase decisions are triggered by a new home purchase.

“With our focus on innovation and seeking new ways to reach the luxury buyer, we saw an incredible opportunity to team up with The Heaps Estrin Real Estate Team to create a truly unique platform in automotive and real estate marketing,” says Michael Oliver, national manager of BMW Brand Communications for BMW Canada.

The initial pilot launched with several Heaps Estrin Real Estate Team homes of distinction ranging in list price from $2.9 million to $5.9 million in some of Toronto’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, including Rosedale, Moore Park, Bennington Heights and Leaside. Each home featured one of three of BMW’s highest end luxury vehicles, including the SUV, the BMW X7, the electric BMW i8 Roadster, and a high-performance luxury model, the BMW M5. The vehicles have been featured in digital home listings and are also made available for use as part of the exterior staging for open house events.

“At Heaps Estrin we are always looking for innovative strategies to market our client’s properties, and the BMW staging initiative drives the luxury positioning of our listings in a unique way,” says Cailey Heaps Estrin, managing director. “Partnering with the BMW Canada team offers a competitive edge and takes luxury real estate marketing to the next level.”



  1. Yes, a luxury vehicle parked in the garage or driveway of a multi-million dollar property is really innovative and going to convince a buyer of a multi-million dollar home to choose that particular property because most real estate salespeople would have a ‘heap’ no pun intended, sitting in the driveway.

    The next genius by now is probably off in talks with Airbus to have them plant a helicopter on the lawn of their multi-million dollar listings.

    Seems some real estate salespeople are trying to outsmart themselves and in the process become real life (unlicensed) car salespersons for BMW. As Mr. DeHoey eluded, are they receiving compensation in any fashion including Bird Dog Fees, for this advertisement or is it free for BMW?

  2. Wow RECO really must be looking into all the paperwork and disclosures required to facilitate the earnings being generated from this approach.

    Assuming this MLS system used is TREB, this misuse of the MLS system to advertise BMW products must be setting off crazy alarm bells.

    Mercedes, Lexus etc companies not given the opportunity to advertise their cars on the TREB MLS system in this manner should all be considering Competition Bureau complaints or civil damages.


    It is illegal for a RE/MAX for sale sign to appear on an MLS listing. It is illegal for an Agents watermark to appear on an MLS listing but…..

    These agents think it is ok to advertise BMWs.

    You really cannot make this stuff up!

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