IMS Incorporated has released a free mobile application, Happy Real Estate News. The application gives its users only positive real estate news to dispel a tendency towards gloom and doom reporting, the company says. The application is available to iPhone users from Apple’s App Store at no charge.

Designed for real estate professionals and homebuyers alike, Happy Real Estate News provides up-to-date market information from many areas in the United States and Canada, showing many cities where real estate has performed better than the previous month. The idea is to help the real estate recovery by focusing on good news in real estate.

Taking advantage of the company’s statistical engine (called Reality) using proprietary formulas, Happy Real Estate News divides encouraging information into four specific categories: homes sold by units, average value of homes, average home sale prices and number of days on the market. 

It was originally launched on a web-based platform,

Leon d’Ancona, president of IMS Incorporated in Toronto, says, “As a real estate information services provider, we have a definite stake in the real estate market. If you’re looking to enhance sales and create aggressive strategies, Happy Real Estate News is essential for your professional toolbox.”


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