Someone who should be added to REM’s list of The Difference Makers (June):

Hanna Ostrowiecki founded Leading Edge Software in 1989 and was the company president until 2009 when illness forced her to retire and move quick!Office Commander products to Emphasys Software. After a long battle with cancer, Hanna passed away in 2013.

Throughout her tenure at Leading Edge, Hanna’s goal was clear: help real estate brokers to recruit and retain the best professionals in the industry (either admin personnel or agents) by streamlining office operations. Hanna and her team continually evolved the suite of front and back office solutions.  Under Hanna’s leadership and beyond, quick!Office Commander has always led the technology. Hanna touched the lives of thousands of real estate administrators, managers, brokers and agents by delivering innovative and integrated software for brokerages.

“Always under-promise and over-deliver,” Hanna would say. She continues to be our motivation as we keep her passion alive.  She is deeply missed and will always be remembered.

Rose Shapiro

Product manager

Emphasys Software





  1. As I write this I can hear Hanna’s voice. She was focused, driven and innovative and I admire what she built. The brokerage where I worked for 11 years relied on quick!Office Commander as an integral part of its day-to-day operation. I agree with Lorne, Don and Rose. Hanna is fondly remembered.

    • Hanna was a kind and generous person. I had just opened my own boutique office in 1991, and had inquired about the Front Desk Commander system. She had seen my start up marketing materials and invited me to meet at her home in north Toronto.

      Since I was working alone, and despite the heavy volume, her system was designed for a larger office set up. But she kindly introduced me to the Maximizer system, into which I merged my extensive manual system, and used it for years.

      Susan, I note your ID. That is useful. Perhaps add your location? Just a thought. I truly have never understood why people who post don’t identify themselves. REM provides the opportunity to network across the country and beyond, and agents don’t even see the value in networking possibilities.

      I have networked extensively since I began my career 34 years ago and have made some wonderful friends both privately and in business, resulting in referrals coming in and going out. Long before social media came on the scene. I really don’t think posters think it through. Several here have criticized. But REM offers us this grand opportunity and some just don’t get it, apparently. REM can expand their sphere of influence and it’s free.

      Carolyne L

  2. Hanna and I were competitors for a number of years but I also considered her a friend through all of that time. From my standpoint, Hanna delivered value to her customers and helped raise the bar for all of us in the real estate software industry. She was passionate and committed to delivering a great experience to the front desk of the real estate brokerage and she is missed.

  3. I agree with Rose, Hanna was an innovator and great personality, she definitely influenced how we do our business now and into the future! Hanna’s passion and drive for her work was very impressive. Hanna Ostrowiecki was a difference maker!

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