By Danny Kucharsky

A hydroponic grow box called Grobo may be the solution for real estate professionals seeking to help select clients grow cannabis safely in their homes once the practice becomes legal in much of Canada, says financial consultant James Zaza.

“The Grobo is going to help (Realtors) get in the door and get leads,” he says. Today’s real estate professionals “need to be more than just somebody who sells a house,” and the Grobo helps them achieve that goal, he adds.

Zaza is an investor in Grobo, a Waterloo, Ont. startup that has developed an indoor growing system that is fully automated from a smart phone app. It’s odourless and care-free and eliminates the problems posed by mini grow-ops in homes, he says.

Cannabis grown indoors requires significant heat and moisture, which can cause water and mould damage to homes, harm their structural integrity and pose fire threats.

The real estate industry has expressed concerns that cannabis grown improperly in homes could cause property values to plummet. However, Zaza says the Grobo provides homeowners with a safe way to grow cannabis indoors.

Zaza, president of Toronto-based Zaza Financial Group, will be demonstrating Grobo at the Ontario Real Estate Association conference in late February. He will also be introducing a scheme in which Realtors can sponsor the devices and provide them to clients or potential clients who have prescriptions for medical marijuana and would like to grow their own cannabis.

Grobo was initially created in 2014 to grow fruit, herbs and vegetables indoors during winter, but co-founders and fellow University of Waterloo mechanical engineering graduates Bjorn Dawson and Chris Thiele soon discovered it could help marijuana patients grow cannabis plants at home.

The cannabis cultivation unit is sometimes described as a “Keurig for plants.” Users need only fill its reservoirs with water and nutrients, drop seeds into its base and then let a connected app control the growing process. The Grobo uses sensors to monitor the condition of the plant, automatically adjusting its watering schedule, and then lets you know when it’s ready to harvest. LEDs inside give the equivalent of 18 hours of sunshine every day and electricity costs are low.

“It’s really a great concept because without even touching the plant, you can watch it grow and add nutrients in the water and light remotely,” says Zaza. “There’s no humidity, there’s no leakage, there’s no drain of electricity. LED lighting provides efficient, concentrated power. It’s safe, it’s clean, it’s childproof.”

At the OREA conference, Zaza plans to sell Grobos at full price or lease them to Realtors who have joined his recently launched insured personal pension and health benefits plan for self-employed real estate professionals.

Under the lease plan, Realtors can sponsor the Grobo and provide it for free to clients with prescriptions for medical cannabis. Panels on the Grobo unit will have space for advertising displays by Realtors.

Clients who receive a Grobo free of charge can also get free cannabis seeds if they agree to give back their surplus cannabis production to Zaza, which he in turn hopes to donate for free as medical marijuana to children with epilepsy or cancer. (The Grobo can produce up to 16 pounds of cannabis a year in four growth cycles. Medical marijuana users would generally require less than one pound a year.)

“A lot of people are going to be keen to grow clean, quality-controlled, reasonably priced cannabis in their own home,” Zaza says.

Although the federal government’s proposed law to legalize non-medical cannabis in July 2018 permits adults to grow up to four marijuana plants at home, it is up to each province to outline their plans for regulating recreational marijuana. Not all provinces are onboard with growing cannabis in homes. For example, Quebec has announced no one will be allowed to grow cannabis in homes for personal use and Manitobans without a medical license will be forbidden from growing plants at home.

Zaza says Realtors can host the marijuana equivalent of Tupperware parties – lead-generating “home Grobo parties” that will educate potential clients on the medical values of cannabis, its proper usage and how to grow it safely in the home.

Agents “will be all over” the sponsorship idea. “It’s a great way to meet people, lets them know you care about their families and their health.” It also allows real estate professionals to “do something unique and exclusive for the community that has never been done before.”

Zaza met Dawson of Grobo a few years ago and decided to invest in the company. (He would not divulge the amount.) He also has investments in his portfolio in several Canadian cannabis companies that represent most of the country’s production.

More than 600 Grobo units have been sold in pre-production at a cost of $1,995 to buyers in Canada, U.S. and Europe. The units, which are five-feet high by 2-1/2-feet deep by 2-1/2-feet wide, should begin shipping in March. Once the company is in full production, about 25 to 30 Grobo units should be made weekly in Waterloo, Zaza says.

Grobo is not alone in the market. In October, marijuana company Aurora Cannabis paid $3.85-million to buy B.C. Northern Lights Enterprises, a Vancouver-based company that manufactures refrigerator-sized grow boxes. The miniature nurseries are loaded up with high-powered lights, ventilation systems and hydroponics equipment.

Zaza plans to roll out his Grobo plan in Ontario before expanding it to other provinces.

He is a strong proponent of the potential health benefits of cannabis. His website contains a “Cannabis Community College” link with information on the drug.

He says cannabis has saved his wife and daughter from opioid addiction. “My purpose is to try to eliminate opiates. I’m trying to get them off the face of the earth.”


  1. “The Grobo can produce up to 16 pounds of cannabis a year in four growth cycles.” I must say that sounds like an incredible yield given that the units which are five-feet high by 2-1/2-feet deep by 2-1/2-feet wide really couldn’t contain a fully grown beef stake tomato plant. Maybe Grobo should set its sights on helping solve world hunger issues. Although, at $1995 a pop, they might be better off focusing on realtors.

  2. Looks like Organized Real Estate really is going to pot.
    Can’t wait to find out who will be first to be charged with Grobo drug trafficking, or how long it will take for all Realtors to claim that they need Grobo medical weed to allay their headaches when their deals fall through.
    Will Zaza offer big discounts when folks want to buy ten Grobos at a time?
    How many Grobos can one fit in a basement 30 m. by 40 m.?
    Will there be free delivery?
    Will a Grobo fit in the back of a mini van…permanently?
    I think this idea should spawn a new growth spurt in Realtor wannabes.
    I can see it all now: Realtor ads proclaiming “You may not have a pot to piss in, but we have plenty of pot to suck on!”, or, “Now you don’t have to struggle to the second floor to get high; just raid the Grobo and get high right there in your basement! You might even be able to do the breast-stroke in the sump pump hole! Fall flat on your face and don’t feel a thing! Grobo!…the quickest way to go nowhere fast! Sign up today! Have a Grobo delivered by GoPro! Get high as a kite without the wind! Let Gopro help you pry open that mark’s front door! Blow smoke in their faces; influence them with wafts of pure putrified joy instead of old-fashioned reasoning! Get yours today!” Full disclosure: Side-effects may include being kicked in the groin by old fossils like me before the front door opens very much. Said victims should seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency department for Groboitis attacks. Line-ups may be long and victims may suffer delusions of grandeur while doing the breast stroke on the terrazzo floor. However, the My Pillow guy will be on hand to sell you a new pillow to rest your groin, I mean, your head, on. Then he will fly away in a haze of dollar bills saying “Yer lookin’ good; I knew ya would! Then you will be given the anti-dote…fifty-five slaps in the face by a left-handed right-wing conservative politician looking for your vote in the next election. You will come-to really fast. Your little trip will be over…until you go out the door right into the waiting police cruiser. The cop will not shield your head as it bangs off of the roof whilst entering the back seat. You will need another Grobo hit. You will become an even bigger addict. The Grobo guy will become even richer. Justin will collect even more sales taxes from Grobo sales and weed sales to be spread around for even more votes. Levelling will occur. We will all be equal to one another because there will be so much smoke in the air. We will all be stoned by either first-hand or second-hand smoke. We will all be flyin’ in our taxis.
    Will real estate university include a course on Grobo grow-op procedures?
    Will real estate university include a course on how to roll a joint ambidextrously?
    Will there be a Grobo in every real estate university exam room?
    Will it be as easy to get a Grobo license as it is to get a real estate salesperson license?
    Will Grobo caskets be available—on a lease plan—for when the Grobo weeds die?
    Will William Devane of “What’s in your wallet fame?” spin off on a new commercial venture with lines like “What’s in ‘your’ Grobo?”, or, “What’s on ‘you’r mind…besides hallucinations?”
    I don’t know about this idea. Seems kind’a hazy to me, but what the hell, I’m just an old fashioned fossil who values clear-headed thinking over goofy “Hey dude…like…hey maaan…waass uup dude?” wobbly interaction between like-minded pot heads.
    But, like Zaza says, it is another way to get your foot in the door…at the regional jail.
    Go Trudeau! Just don’t inhale. Yeah right; tell us another one.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if the first Gobro sits in Trudeau’s basement right now. The evidence is in; ingestion of pot during teen years leads to a stunting of the brain’s growth along with a tendency for the pot head to experience episodes of psychosis, paranoid delusions and depression after the brain has been duly spiked with the stuff whilst still developing. Normal maturity of the brain is often unattainable. Thus, pot heads get elected to government and then pass laws making formerly illegal so-called soft-drug use legal. Then the country goes to pot. Now we need pot-sniffer breath-a-lizers to catch pot heads whilst driving under the influence. What’s next…mini Grobos that fit on one’s head like those beer tankard hats with a descending flexible smoke tube riveted right onto the user’s lips?
    I think this idea really sucks.
    Hey buddy…got a light?

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