Don St. Germain
Don St. Germain

What does that client really think about the house he just viewed?  What did people who attended the open house think about the property?

Obtaining that candid feedback from clients can be one of the toughest aspects of the job for a sales rep representing or showing a property, says Don St. Germain, a four-year veteran with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada in Victoria. The clients may not tell their agent exactly what they think and a comment form that is handed out may simply not make it back to the sales rep.

“It’s really a passive business,” says St. Germain.  Client after client may walk away from a home that the sales rep and seller see as a good deal, without commenting about why it has not struck a responsive sales cord.

St. Germain tells of one home where a dip in the driveway raised doubts with those viewing the property. When their concern was eventually revealed, the seller was able to show it was caused by a drainage ditch. In another case, the price of a condominium was being compared to two others in the building that had hardwood floors, but it took feedback to nail just why buyers were walking away.

That’s why St. Germain sat down and wrote a program called ASAPfeedback ( that he now wants to make available to sales reps for free. It’s a simple system to use, although it will take some work for reps to load listings if they are not on the current MLS for the Victoria area. Once a password to the system is obtained for both sales rep and seller, they can go online and see what comments have been left by those viewing the home after a visit.

To try the site out, visit and log on using demo as username and demo as password. To try out the Realtor dashboard, visit with 0000 as Realtor ID and guest as the password.

To begin the registration process, sales reps must email St. Germain at [email protected] and indicate the password the agent wants to use, the MLS system the agent uses and a contact number where the agent can be reached. He will follow up to make sure they are Realtors.

The agent can send an email link to individuals who have toured a home. It asks them six questions (from a drop-down menu) about the property including price. Before the information is posted, the agent has to either approve it or delete it. There is no ability to edit it, only approval or deletion. Once the material is approved, the homeowners can go into the site and see what comments are shaping up, a feature that helps both the owner and the agents.

If all the comments are pointing to one concern about the property, the seller and listing agent know there needs to be some action taken. It opens another door for sales, says St. Germain, since it provides the agent with a remedy for their concerns and an invite for clients to return. “You can ask, will you come back and look again or the other sales rep can ask them to come back again,” he says.

St. Germain created a nationally successful Victoria-based computer chain in the ʼ90s before turning to real estate. – Jean Sorensen


    • Good afternoon Josey, you can either login with both “demo” (no quotes) as your username and password, or both “guest” (again, no quotes) as your username and password. Each will give you a slightly different look on how you can configure the feedback page for your clients.

    • Thank you for your comment, and yes, after I started writing the program back in 2010 (it’s been a work in progress), I have been introduced to a few other systems that are similar. However, my main goals of this feedback system are simplicity of use, and ultimately to get quality feedback. I found several of the other systems were complicated to setup, and often too time consuming to actually be used by most of the Realtors I’ve spoken to. This one is simple: add a property, activate it with the seller’s info, and then request feedback as much as you like. The whole process takes about 30 seconds. And best of all, no ads – you know, the ones that displays other Realtor’s info in front of your sellers when they are viewing their feedback. This has absolutely no ads at all.

  1. I can see that a great deal of work has gone into creating your site. However, why should the listing agent expect the buyer’s agent to respond ASAP regarding their client’s thoughts regarding a property. I would expect that the buyer’s agent would require the buyer’s permission before they could respond and a buyer may not wish their thoughts expressed to the seller. Because the MLS requires cooperation to succeed, I can see many buyer’s agents filling out forms without their client’s approval so they can keep their fellow agents happy. As a buyer I expect my opinions to my agent regarding a property to be private. Just a thought.

    • Hello – thanks for your candid thoughts, and I find that about half the time, buyers wish to pass along feedback, and the other half don’t. If the buyers wish to pass along their comments, great, this system works great for that. However, if they don’t, this is a solution as well – the buyer’s Realtor can just select “No Reponse” and that puts closure on the showing. This prevents the seller’s Realtor from repeatedly calling/emailing/paging the office of the buyer’s Realtor to get feedback. A “No Reponse” selection is OK in my books – it shows that the buyer’s Realtor has received the request and wishes to provide no feedback.

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