Anne Squires
Anne Squires

Anne Squires, former broker/owner of Exit Realty on the Rock in St. John’s, N.L. has been sentenced to two years less a day after she pleaded guilty to charges of theft, fraud, forgery and breach of trust.

The offences took place from 2014 to 2016. When the brokerage’s license was suspended on Feb. 4, 2016, it had 66 Realtors listed on, working from offices in St. John’s and Glovertown.

Squires pleaded guilty to stealing from Exit Realty on the Rock’s trust account and of defrauding commission advance company AccessEasyFunds. She created sales agreements to get money from the company, using forged signatures and sometimes for properties that did not exist.

There were 33 fraudulent transactions and $522,386 was advanced to Squires. She has already repaid $50,000 but has been ordered to repay the rest to AccessEasyFunds.

“Ms. Squires made a conscious decision to engage in ongoing criminal activity,” Justice Robert Stack told the court, as reported by The Telegram. He said that a lengthy video address by Squires at her sentencing hearing was meant to be an apology, but instead was an effort to shift the blame for her crimes.


  1. She was really not very good at what she did. 500 K over 33 transactions ? Go big or go home….lol. Joking aside, I agree with some of the other comments as to no letting her back into real estate – EVER.

  2. We trust the judgement however There was No public money involved I am sure definitely some personnel from funding company were involved too to have this done. It is terribly hard to get funds without the involvement of decision makers to b beneficiary in these kind of illegal practices. Also the jail term even after the pay back situation!! IT is totally agreeable if public money was at stake. However wrong thing is wrong.

  3. She should be banned from ever holding a real estate licence in any province. CRÉA should oversee to that. No realtor should be allowed to get their licence reinstated if they lose it for whatever reason, for whatever crime or offense. More would think twice before consciously acting in a deceiving or conniving way.

  4. Ann Squires was sentenced to two years less a day after she pleaded guilty to charges of theft, fraud, forgery and breach of trust. This sentence is far from harsh considering the $500,000 + pilfered by this conniving individual and indicative the criminal justice system is in need of a major overhaul. She will probably be back into real estate in less than two years!! What is most alerting is the laxity of Real Estate Regulators who would allow a brokerage to operate in this fashion without detection. Here in Alberta where we have had a number of brokerages close their doors due to misappropriation of commissions, the corrective solution implemented was a Commission Protection Insurance! What a “green light’ for more of the same inappropriate actions at brokerages that choose that route. I think Squires should have received a 10 year sentence of hard time in a Federal institution so that she gets the clear message being, “crime does not pay”.

  5. That’s a harsh sentence and should serve as a deterrent for anyone else contemplating similar fraud. Now if only other white collar criminals would be prosecuted. In a past life, nearly two decades ago, I uncovered a massive fraud ($1M) by a VP at a leading telecom company where I worked. What did this major public company do? They fired the VP and “allegedly” canceled his pension (had been there less than five years). It was hushed up and no criminal trial took place! That shyster was let loose on the corporate world shortly landing a new gig.

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