Costa Hollywood is a 307-room resort and retail complex slated to be completed in spring 2015.
Costa Hollywood is a 307-room resort and retail complex slated to be completed in spring 2015.

Moses Bensusan and his family love to vacation in Hollywood, Fla., drawn by the boardwalk along the Atlantic Ocean, white beaches and activities in the community, and he says other Canadians will too.

Spurred by his own desire to have an option to the little motels that dot the beachfront, the idea of building a modern upscale condo/resort was born. For five years, the president and CEO of Liberty Grande worked to assemble five beachfront acres so he could build Costa Hollywood, a 307-room resort and retail complex slated to be completed in spring 2015. The project broke ground in June.

Turnkey studios and one- and two-bedroom suites offer from 338 to 1,200 square feet, terraces and views of the ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Priced at $250,000 to $650,000, Costa Hollywood’s price point is attractive, Bensusan says. A program that allows owners to rent their suites when not in use is another drawing card.

Designer rooms feature a neutral pallet with touches of red, spa bathrooms with oval tubs and separate showers, fully equipped kitchens and in-suite technology including high-speed Internet access. Rooms also feature individual climate control.

Common areas include a rooftop infinity pool on the seventh floor, a gourmet restaurant, a spa and a fitness centre. Services include valet parking.

Costa Hollywood is close to the 2.5-mile Hollywood Boardwalk, malls, parks, horse racing, a casino and a large cruise ship port. It also enjoys close proximity to South Beach and its nightlife. It’s also within about a dozen minutes’ drive of the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and less than a half hour from Miami International Airport.

Costa Hollywood is attractive to Canadians because of its location, price point and amenities, says Bensusan, who has developed high-end commercial properties in Canada and in the United States. In 2009, Liberty Grande acquired Logitech Construction Group, which has been named one of the top 25 construction companies in South Florida by the South Florida Business Journal in 2012, Costa Hollywood’s website says.

Moses Bensusan
Moses Bensusan

Sixty per cent of the suites have been sold, with 12 per cent purchased by Canadians. “It’s the perfect place to escape Canadian winters,” Bensusan says. Other suites have been sold to international buyers, including those from Argentina and Brazil.

Brokers are being offered a six-per-cent commission.

For more information about Costa Hollywood Condo Resort at Hollywood Beach Village, visit Costa Hollywood is at 777 North Ocean Dr. in Hollywood Beach.


  1. free advertising….. nice.. I think the value in “advertising” US properties would be in telling people/agents/buyers the pros and cons to owning such property. Tax implication, effects on their will and their heirs, having to file US and Canadian returns, having to obtain an IRS ID number and so on. Not that this should be a problem but sure would help prospects and agents to have an intelligent conversation about such properties.

    • Hi Sabine:

      In addition to what you correctly point out, apparently non Floridians who own Florida properties are hit with a 100% surcharge on their property tax bills. Looks like the Quebecois Florida property owners are footing a large, disproportionate part of that state’s spending habits.

      Oh well, due to the fact that Quebec benefits from large transfer payments from the Canadian government, which payments in turn come from provincial governments, which payments in turn come from Canadian taxpayers, it would appear that the trickle-down effect of government imposed economic redistribution policies is alive and well.

      I don’t blame anyone for getting what they can out of a system of governance that rewards demands for votes. The Quebec’rs can obviously afford the extra freight.

      Hmmm…who are the ‘real’ stupid ones?

      • Brian,
        For once I have to disagree with you…..I own Florida property and my annual property tax is identical to what my American neighbours pay. Matter of fact, just paid mine last week. I agree with everything else though…lol. Surprised you did not comment on my response to the other article about internet presence etc….

        • Hi Sabine:

          No one likes a know-it-all, so I guess I’m thankfully ‘not’ one after all…LOL.

          I was sure that my memory served me correctly re a TV piece I saw a few years ago about out-of-state owners of Florida real estate and the property tax surcharges about to be levied against them…W5 or some such program. Maybe it was just in a particular jurisdiction. So much for hearsay when pitted against reality.

          I missed the internet piece herein and your reply to same, but, whatever the thrust of the article, I think that far too many registrants (mainly newbe’s) rely too heavily on the internet to manufacture a false representation of themselves and their abilities. Internet gobledeegook cannot replace hard earned experience. When everyone’s rushing about to do the same internet thing, what’s left to make one stand out amongst the cyber crowd…except experience?

          • Yes Sabine, I now remember reading your reply to the online presence piece. Too much going on that day for me I guess.

            A marathon runner, and bare foot no less…impressive! I had the second fastest time run for a marathon during my high school years as a grade ten student out of the entire school, including the grades eleven, twelve and thirteen runners, but I wore running shoes…lol. If I am not mistaken, Ethiopian/Ugandan runners often train barefoot and thereafter run official marathons barefoot, depending upon the terrain, and I think that they are also the premier marathoners these days. Is that the case, and is that your background? Not knowing much about names from other than my own Heinz 57 ethnicity, is “Sabine” a male or female name? Not that it matters… just curious. Regardless, you must have plenty of soul…lol.

          • I am not a barefoot runner…lol. Just a middle to old age woman trying to somehow stay in shape !..

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