By Ryan Hodge

It’s interesting to reflect as seasons change and as the years go by. I’ve been fortunate to have a successful rise in the real estate industry and am often questioned by fellow Realtors about how I balance a family with three boys under the age of 10, a busy real estate career and now a vibrant brokerage, which has grown to over 60 members in just over a year.

The simple answer – I don’t always.

I was fortunate to have an exceptional first year when I became licensed. In my first full calendar year I managed to sell 117 homes with the assistance of one buyer agent. I was also blessed to partner with Shawn Westerik, an exceptional professional, to build an award-winning real estate team with the Re/Max brand in London, Ont. before launching our successful independent brokerage in 2013.

In both 2009 and 2014 through all the success, it came to my attention that I had become naive to the concept of balance in some regards despite all the awards, recognition and company growth.

So when asked the question of how I maintain balance I would prefer to shed some insight on the tools I have learned to “rebalance”. In a picture perfect world of social media, many would think that life is perfect. It is not. I would be the first to put our proven sales and brokerage systems against the largest teams, brokerages or brands in the world but unless a true knowledge of the self is investigated, productivity in business or at home will eventually suffer.

The traditional coaching experience for real estate for lead generation and selling more homes was not what I was seeking this year. I wanted to begin further work on developing myself so that I could bring my very best to my business partner, our agent membership and our growing company.

Through this process, I have learned and implemented specific tools to help create “Balance of the Self”. This process may not be for everybody and I certainly have not mastered it. I will always have to work on this, but for me personally it is crucial to my own path. By investigating how I’m personally “hard wired”, I can then dissect what can take me out of balance. When you develop and work on the self, rather than escaping to mask personal challenges, it can create an entirely new toolbox to assist with balance and overall well being.

Here are five steps that I implement to maintain balance and productivity in both the business and personal realms:

1. Know what makes you tick

I have an addictive personality. This is not always a bad thing, but it is crucial to understanding how to create new routines when you are addicted to success as well.

2. Create your intimate circle

With a booming client list and being in the public eye, this can be a challenge. For me it is now much simpler: Family, business partner, close personal friends and my guide/coach. They get my time first and foremost.

3. Use the “Mirror Principal”

Everyone that you encounter is a reflection of you, good or bad. They are here to teach us what we want to change about ourselves for the better. Follow those lessons closely and evolve from them.

4. Never blame anyone in the professional world when something goes wrong

Why? It was our choice to get involved with them on a business or client level to begin with. Own your choices. This applies to personal life as well, even when times are tough.

5. Stay away from toxic

That means people, places and things. Everything is energy and when we associate with negative energy, it has a negative impact on every aspect of our lives. If you feel like you’re working in that lower vibration, get out of it.

Growing a company, maintaining a high sales volume and keeping my personal life in harmony will never be a perfect process. I am thankful for the knowledge I’ve gained and support I’ve had from my family, mentors, my business partner and fellow real estate colleagues. I believe that in a world where leadership and success are often viewed through the “smoke and mirrors” world of social media, sharing personal stories that inspire will assist fellow professionals in achieving great success inside and outside of our wonderful industry.


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