Jackie Chetcuti
Jackie Chetcuti

FCT recently launched Home Protection Solutions (HPS), a new division that will provide prospective home buyers and sellers in Ontario with a third-party home inspection and transferrable warranty. The company says up to $20,000 worth of warranty coverage will be provided for defects on the “blind spots” of a home’s major features, such as the roof, foundation, heating and cooling system.

“Buyers often fear that they may have to incur significant expenses soon after acquiring a home, and sellers may be hesitant to get an inspection at the risk of significant repair costs prior to listing their property,” says Jackie Chetcuti, head of HPS. “These products seek to reduce this anxiety by assessing over 400 features around the house through an independent home inspection, and provide warranty coverage on a property’s larger, stress-inducing blind spots that are often expensive to fix.”

Sellers can invest in an 18-month transferrable warranty and home inspection that can FCT says could potentially reduce days on market and increase the property’s overall selling price by removing the need for a buyer’s home inspection and reducing risks related to home quality.

For buyers, the warranty plan offers a comprehensive home inspection and 21-month $20,000 warranty, which goes into effect after the home inspection is complete.



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