At the beginning of the year we all took time out of our day-to-day operations and responsibilities to review our previous year in business and prepare ourselves for 2015.

  • “What worked? What didn’t?”
  • “Did we generate enough business through the sales pipeline?”
  • “Are we the customer’s first choice for real estate information and assistance?”
  • “Did we focus our time wisely? Are we growing?”
  • “How are we going to improve in 2015?”

These are just a few questions that you may have asked yourself while putting together your business plan for the year.

Now that we’re a quarter way through 2015: how do you feel you and your business are performing? Are you flourishing under your current business plan? Are you underperforming? Or maybe you’re running into similar issues that you faced last year?

While some of us are succeeding under our current plan, there are others who are facing obstacles that are putting their business goals at risk. For example I have a client who is following their plan and their business is already 20 per cent ahead of the goal this year. They said the reason is this is the first year they have actually done what they wrote down in their plan. This has kept them disciplined to all the daily activities that make them money.

On the other side, another client spent a great deal of time crafting their business plan except they didn’t quite get it finished. Therefore the plan is incomplete and so is their thought process of building their business. I have instructed them to finish the plan within the next week so they can finish the year strong.

Reviewing your plan should be a daily exercise so the direction and goals of your business remain top of mind. Doing so will allow you to make more accurate adjustments to your process and the internal systems that both you and your staff depend on. A regular review of what your goals are will maintain your focus and the confidence, ensuring you approach every day, every client and every task with the right mindset.

Throughout a calendar year it’s normal for our focus to wander and our effort level to fade a little, but by reviewing our plan regularly we lessen the chances of that happening and increase our chances of success.

Reviewing your plan and making adjustments isn’t an acceptance of failure, it’s the course of action on your journey to success.


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