By Danny Wood

How many emails do you and your staff send daily? Are you leveraging that organic traffic to mention anything about recruiting, joining your team, links to your training… anything? Well, you should be.

In fact, all your managers, admin and staff should have updated signatures that help your recruiting efforts. You know you send a lot of emails. Now multiply that by your staff!

When unused, the bottom of your email is this huge wasted space – a space the size of a billboard. Well, not quite, but it might as well be! You sign your letters, “Sincerely, Jane Doe” or “I’m never too busy for your referrals” when you could be signing, “WE’RE HIRING” in neon letters and a big flashing sign telling the world that you’re the bomb. So, why aren’t you?

I’m going to teach you how to leverage this missed opportunity. Don’t get hung up on the details, just take my ideas and fail forward. Make them your own.

To start you’ll want to Google search “change gmail signature” (or whatever service you use).

Here, you can choose exactly how you want the text laid out and what you want it to say. You choose the size of the font, whether you want it in bold or italicized, and what colour you would like the text to be. Don’t forget to choose the type of font you want too.

You don’t want to just leave your email signature at that. I mean, yes, that looks better, but now you just have what you had before. It’s just prettier. What about the flashing sign? Let’s get to that now.

The next thing you need to do is add a call to action. Start it off by offering something for free – maybe free access to your next live training event, or any of these ideas:

  • A brokerage open house
  • Access to brokerage-branded webinars and training ( offers this).
  • Agent socials and networking events.
  • Are any of your teams hiring a buyer agent? Leverage that!
  • Free business planning or coaching calls.
  • Getting into real estate career nights.
  • Offer them a free book (any book will do, but the deal is they need to meet you at the office to pick it up).
  • Cheaper splits, better technology, leads provided?

Any of the above could be something to feature. You could even switch it up monthly (or quarterly). Make it something they would value. Not you.

This will pique your receiving party’s interest. Make sure you add a link to the end of your spiel for the party to follow. I like to use a blog post as my landing pages (it helps with content on your website) and I’ll have a video of me at the top explaining the call-to-action. It’s a quick 30-second video covering who they are, why they are here and what they’ll get for taking action (registering, calling or texting).

The two signatures most offices can use is the “Buyer Agents Needed” or “Considering getting into real estate? Look no further!” Signatures. They tend to pull well. Whatever you pick, make sure you and all your staff make these changes. You have greater power in numbers, so use it.

Regardless of what you say, you want your call to action to initiate conversation. Using the words “ask me about _________” makes it easier for people to just reply to you and not need to register with extra steps.

It’s free so why not use this wasted space?


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