Letters to the Editor: Don’t retire, Marty!

Letters to the Editor: Don’t retire, Marty!

Marty Douglas
Marty Douglas

Re: Marty Douglas’ plans to retire this year as REM columnist

We need Marty Douglas’ intelligence, experience humour and wit. How many of us get the REM magazine and go right to his column? I know I do. My wife takes the REM paper away from me to read Marty, and she’s not even in real estate!

Please take the time to text, phone, email or write to encourage Marty to stay with REM and keep enlightening us with his fabulous column. Marty Douglas is to REM as “Grapes” Don Cherry is to hockey.

C’mon Marty, stick around for awhile longer, we need you!

Murray O’Brien
Re/Max Jazz
Oshawa, Ont.


  1. Hmmmm! Don Cherry eh? I’m taking that as a compliment. Perhaps if REM provided a similar wardrobe – did you know that Grapes buys all his suit fabric from Fabricland? That would explain why those drapes and cushions in your living room look familiar. Thanks for the vote and best wishes for 2015.

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