A comment on the Opinion section by Dave Fountain, in which
he states store‑front offices and franchises are more of a myth than a
benefit.  First, we would like to mention
that we were trained under Dave Fountain and are the first to acknowledge that
we received excellent training.

We have been in real estate for 11 years, have our Agent
9:15, and are presently owner/operators of Re/Max Wrightway in Burns Lake,
B.C.  As a store‑front office, a Re/Max
franchise, and located in the same town, we feel compelled to respond to Mr.
Fountain's obvious lack of information.

Mr. Fountain neglected to say in his article that he was
never a member of the Re/Max team as insinuated.  As to where he got his information on
“the end result” and “the bottom line being better the way it
was prior to the change” we will never know.  In fact, in the first four years as a Re/Max
franchise, the net results of the 100 per cent commission exceeded any
commission splits that had been offered in the past. 

We would like to congratulate Mr. Fountain in
“achieving significant success in a depressed real estate market”,
but the reality is he was not the only award-winner.  This past year, out of three salespeople in
our office, each received an award and our office had the largest market share
of sales and listings for the year 2000.

It saddens us to think of the adverse effect his opinion
could have on small communities if all businesses were to take this
approach.  We are proud of our role in
our little town and proud of the services and support we provide other than
real estate.

Robbie Nay and Shannon Piper
Re/Max Wrightway
Burns Lake, B.C.


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