By Maya Bailey

If you’re like most entrepreneurs that I coach, you have asked yourself , “Do I have what it takes to succeed?” either on a conscious or subconscious level.

Chances are you do have everything that it takes to succeed.

By that I mean that most likely you have the knowledge and the experience and expertise that would make you successful. However, you probably also have some doubts and self-limiting beliefs.

The purpose of this article is to empower you and to strengthen your confidence in yourself. When you ask, “Do I have what it takes to succeed?” you will end up with a resounding yes!

Make a list of your inner and outer resources:

Entitle this list, “I have all I need to succeed.” Examples of inner resources are those qualities within you such as intelligence, perseverance, motivation, determination and so forth. In additional you also have outer resources. You may have a coach or a mentor. You may have a supportive family or a supportive broker or colleagues. Whatever is in your outer environment that feels supportive for you are your outer resources.

Make sure this list is as full as possible. Look at it frequently to remind yourself of all the support  you have.

Write a list of the qualities that make you an outstanding professional:

My experience in coaching entrepreneurs is this – they don’t realize how good they are. So you probably don’t realize that you have a unique set of characteristics that make you the ideal professional for your clients.

For example, if you are a people person and you focus on educating your clients and you are detail oriented, that’s a great package.  In addition, if you have an abundance of patience to offer, then you’re combining qualities that many people don’t have.

Take a look at what you do when you service your clients. Do you find a way to make their work with you comfortable for them? What qualities help you to do that? Is it that you love to be of service? That you love to be a problem solver? Do you have an eye for details? Do you love to educate? Are you excellent at managing their expectations?

Each of us has something that makes us feel passionate about what we do. If we focus on that, we will feel highly confident of our ability to be an outstanding entrepreneur.

Self-limiting beliefs:

The one thing that stops most people from believing that they have the ability to succeed is self-limiting beliefs. They may have been with you for decades. For example, I was working with a client the other day named Linda. She was a very bright, intelligent child but at age 10, after her parents divorced, she was taught to be quiet. She was taught that the way to be safe was to be invisible. Her survival strategy then was to shrink and withdraw.

All of our beliefs manifest out in our adult life unless we reprogram them. This particular programming she had as a child manifested in her adult life – the fear of picking up the phone and offering her services. She believed that if she called people she would be bothering them. She believed that people didn’t want to hear from her. She believed that she might be seen as pushy, and she believed that she might be seen as a salesperson. Consequently, she didn’t make the calls and her business was suffering.

When I helped her to remove those false beliefs and helped her to see that the early program she put into her consciousness, to be quiet and to be invisible, was no longer helpful to her, she forged ahead. She regained her confidence and began to realize that she did have a valuable service to offer and that people would be happy to hear from her.

Our thoughts create our reality. If you call people with the expectation that people will be happy to hear from you, you will create that as your reality.

Create the confidence you have in yourself. Know that you have what it takes to succeed. Once you’re comfortable picking up the phone and making calls, the sky is in the limit in any economy.


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