By Dan St. Yves

While the general public believes the average Realtor is driven around by a chauffeur while they recline, sipping champagne and fanning themselves with $1,000 bills, anyone who has been in the industry any length of time has more likely had to deal with varied levels of stress in their day.

Pressures to complete sales in a timely manner, often unwieldy time demands 24-7-365, constant learning curves as the industry changes to meet consumer demands and ethical business practices – there are myriad curveballs that real estate professionals encounter as they endeavour to make a living in an often-unforgiving profession.

As is my practice, I regularly try here to imagine wonky pieces of advice for these situations. That sure helps fill a column every month, advisable or not. So, here we go – stress busting hobbies for Realtors!

Worm farming:

Talk about stressless hobbies! Basically, relocate worms from your garden to a cardboard box or container and feed them compostable materials. At least, I think that’s what you’d do, I never really took time to research worm farming. However, if you enjoy fishing, you’ve got bait right close at hand! Hmm, I wonder if you need to irrigate or water a worm farm? Maybe I should do a bit of research.


With smaller and lighter racquets than tennis, plus the likelihood of less grunting while swinging (flailing) at those heavier felt-covered balls, badminton would easily fall into the category of stress busting as a hobby. Well, unless you’re compulsively competitive, then you’ll probably fall into a black hole of relentless practice, endless strategizing and a competitive tournament circuit. Maybe just stick to batting the shuttlecock into a wall?

Glass blowing:

It sure sounds relaxing! Gently blowing into or onto a glass? Sign me up! Wait, sorry, what? Forming glass over a hot flame? Maybe I really do need to research my topics ahead of these columns…stupid day-before-deadline pressure!!


Well, I don’t think I can go wrong here. Not only is yoga renowned for focused relaxation, it’s also beneficial for your overall health. Pick up a nice mat, bring along a downward dog to cheer up, and get yourself some fine Lululemon pants. Mine are getting a little ragged, but I think I’ve got one more extended side angle pose left in them! Maybe I’ll find a spot in the back of the room.

Lawn chair lounging:

I have no jokes for this one. How can you be stressed when you have a cold drink and a book in a comfy lawn chair? I mean really, couldn’t you have thought about not setting up under a wasp’s nest with your snack plate of sliced watermelon?

Oil painting and/or photography:

Okay, I think I finally have some options here that are totally stress-busting and relaxing – if those two descriptions aren’t pretty much the same things. Although, technically you should know how to paint or take pictures, so maybe there is a learning curve, and frustrations as you spoil a perfectly good landscape with the exactly wrong shade of ochre. Or a plane flies across your shot of the majestic mountains right when you’ve used up your last byte of data on your SD card? Man, maybe I need to find some less stressful hobbies than offering advice.


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