CREA and the Association of Saskatchewan Realtors (ASR) are partnering with third-party customer satisfaction firm RealSatisfied on a limited test pilot of syndication of agent reviews to

The pilot program is limited to the ASR through the syndication testing period, which will run through October. RealSatisfied collects buyer/seller feedback, testimonials and reviews for ASR’s members.

“The response we’ve received from agents and brokers using RealSatisfied has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Bill Madder, CEO of the ASR. “It made sense for us to approach CREA about creating a way for our Realtor members to make greater use of the client feedback they were receiving. We think the profile integration of RealSatisfied data is a winner and hope the pilot extends beyond our province.”

CREA, along with the ASR, say they will continually evaluate the pilot as to how it improves user and member experiences with, and how it helps generate additional leads and business for members. CREA is supporting ASR’s desire to make this feature available on their members’ profile pages, but is currently not committing to a national roll out.

In 2013, a “Rate Your Realtor” concept for was voted down at CREA’s Annual General Meeting.

Jeff Turner, president of RealSatisfied, says in a news release that “a great desire to have a broader platform for ratings and recommendations has been expressed by our clients in Canada and we are thankful CREA recognized the opportunity to provide that platform. It’s the right platform for showing independently validated ratings and recommendations from clients who have completed a transaction.”

An example of this integration can be found at


  1. is really really bad to use as a consumer. If Realtors are paying for this they deserve their money back big time. As soon as you go to the site all these listings jump up on the site before I’ve even entered which city I’m searching. Really hard to navigate. Use the Kiss method for the consumer to plug in easy search parameters before you jump all over the place. Also if you’ve ever tried this site on your phone these blue dots flash up onto a screen of the city I don’t want and they’re too small to activate. The site acts like an excited dog getting ready to go for a walk but is so pent up it relieves itself in the front hall before you get out the front door. Show some patience with the user and make it easy to use and more people will use it.

  2. Pierre Leduc at CREA asked me to post the following:

    On behalf of CREA

    There has been some chatter on Social Media with regards to this initiative, so we’d like to clarify CREA’s role and position.

    First, some background. The Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® (ASR®) has
    entered into an agreement with Real Satisfied to provide a rating system for Saskatchewan REALTORS®. A request was made by ASR® to make Real Satisfied ratings available on their REALTOR profile, and accessible through

    CREA agreed to do so on a pilot basis, with no commitment to either organization to roll it out beyond Saskatchewan.

    This is not a Rate your REALTOR® service provided by CREA; it is an independent, third party with whom ASR® has negotiated a relationship.

  3. Yet again, CREA’s directors defy membership wishes. They’re going to ram this down our throats whether we like it or not. I believe our directors choose to be uninformed about the false and maliciously intended reviews issues far too many Realtors in the U.S face with regard these ratings and the ensuing damage that’s done. All too often the appeal to the rating company to have the rating properly reviewed is disregarded. I’m beginning to think Brian Martindale is right – this dictatorial organization needs to go.

    • PED

      With CREA being the “national” mothership to the industry it is often curious that it seems to segment itself from time to time; maybe fracturing its mandate to represent ALL dues paying members, and this seems to be one of those frightful faux pas moments, perhaps.

      Test case aside, and presuming a Saskatchewan success story for the third party test case, what exactly does such success mean for the other provinces, as national dues paying members. Is it not CREA’s mandate to represent ALL cross-Canada members equally?

      Members will be propelled by realtor dot ca to participate? It’s confusing. I seem to recall another quite recent REM story about a mutual partnering of some (North York?) office, with this “system?”

      Carolyne L ?

  4. What a load of ** that a private, 3rd party company gets to hijack our MLS!

    “In 2013, a “Rate Your Realtor” concept for was voted down at CREA’s Annual General Meeting.”

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