A scene from the Coldwell Banker ad.
A scene from the Coldwell Banker ad.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s ad titled Somebody to Love, a story about the joy pets bring to our home, has been scored as one of the highest-rated ads of all time, the company says.

Ace Metrix, which measures the impact of advertising, says the ad is the highest rated real estate ad of all time and one of the top 20 in all categories. It scored 779 in likeability, higher than any ad debuted during the 2017 Super Bowl, the company says.

The spot tells the parallel stories of two lost souls. It begins with a shot of a man who has clearly said goodbye to someone he loves, as he longingly looks at a picture frame beside his bed. It then pans to a stray dog who is wandering the streets. The two meet at an adoption event and an original soundtrack plays “you rescued me,” when he brings the dog home.

The spots will be shown on a number of digital media outlets and also made available to independent Coldwell Banker affiliates across the U.S. and Canada for posting on their local websites and social media channels. It can be viewed here.

The ad is part of the ongoing Coldwell Banker campaign called the Homes for Dogs Project, initiated in partnership with Adopt-a-Pet.com, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website. Together, the organizations have helped find homes for more than 20,000 dogs online and through more than 675 adoption events as part of a national adoption weekend. The project, has its next national adoption event slated for Sept. 9-10.


  1. Wow! The “highest rated real estate ad of all time” and this is a good thing? I don’t think so. This is tactical advertising, at best.

    For an industry that struggles to understand itself and its identity, as it relates to justifying its existence (vis-a-vis value and added value in the context of commissions etc., etc.), how does an advertisement that’s more emotional than even generic have any potential to advance the public’s acceptance of organized real estate — having proper relevance? This sort of leverage advertising is, at least, ten years out of date, because it doesn’t do anything to explain the industry to consumer’s!

    As the weather warms up, we tend to see more and more panhandlers in our City. It has become very common to see theses individuals accompanied by their Dogs — most of which seem to be well looked after and fed. While I would suspect that these pets are loved, I’m also inclined to think that the tactical benefit of having the Dogs present isn’t lost on their owners.

    Organized real estate won’t succeed in advancing itself in any meaningful way through the use of transparent, tactical, approaches. These emotional approaches have been used forever by organized real estate and have essentially failed to create the image that the industry has hoped to create for itself. The Competition Bureau didn’t hesitate to come knocking at CREA’s door!

    Organized real estate needs bonified strategies — not simple tactics!

  2. Most sincere congratulations to Coldwell Banker. A most recognized and worthwhile cause, no question about it. And thank you for sharing this beautiful information.

    A few years ago I wanted to start a specific fund for seniors, sometimes alone, who sometimes had pets needing veterinary care they couldn’t afford, so I called a few vet offices and I was told no one was interested in participating when I offered to pick up the tab, anonymously if they would keep my number handy. I was more than shocked when the unanimous response was: people in our area don’t need that kind of help. That is certainly absolutely not true.

    So I just made independent donations to various organizations.

    I never had much luck with any such ideas; I spoke to my bank manager of the day about setting up a fund for seniors, perhaps living alone on fixed incomes, who couldn’t pay their high hydro bills, offering to pay, again, anonymously but wanted to set up a special account, so then first I called hydro who said it would be against their policies to release anyone’s need, and the bank manager didn’t think it was a useful idea, not needed in the area (again). That was in 2008.
    A local real estate law office had volunteered to manage a trust fund specific.

    I was just recently reviewing some history with my corp lawyer and acct’ant. And it brought back memories we discussed of when I first incorporated in 1991. My 10 years’ prior success was well-known. And I still proudly wear on my business suit lapel a small gold City of pin presented to me in the 80’s by the chamber of commerce.

    The new hospital was only a glimmer in the eyes of the planners back then. I proudly invited the hospital public relations manager to meet in my new office. I wanted to know how to make specific arrangements to donate ten percent of each transaction to the new to be built hospital fund.

    He told me, no need, they had plenty of donations already. Really. True story. He wasn’t unkind, just stating facts as he saw them apparently. Recently they advertised, seeking specific need donations. My how things change.

    Back in 1980 when I first was licensed and new to the area I contacted the Red Cross about setting up a REALTOR’s(r) blood donation clinic. A likewise negative response. No need.

    And a couple of years later (a local real estate law office reminded me recently of a project I had discussed with them – one of their lawyers became a judge), that they would support a mobile clinic to go to business offices for mobile breast cancer scans. A huge undertaking. Once again, not supported by the local medical community. No need.

    Plain to see I was not philanthropic material. But that’s okay. My heart was in the right place. But I donated anonymously. There was no need for tax write-offs.

    Nonetheless, some readers might enjoy the related animal kingdom article I posted on my website ten years ago. She is still with me as my guardian angel, still gently frisky, but showing signs of age. A really special addition to my life. No question about it.

    Shelter Pup’s Life Saved


    Carolyne L ?

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