Laurie Brugger
Laurie Brugger

Century 21 Westman Realty has a modern new office space in Brandon, Man. The franchise, which changed its name to Century 21 a decade ago, started 2018 by switching back to Century 21 Westman and renovating its office.

“We’ve been doing business in Brandon for 35 years and decided to update our brand and our office,” says Laurie Brugger, managing partner. “We found the perfect building on a main route and felt it was a prime location.  We completely rebuilt the interior and aimed to make it not only modern, but an office that will serve us for years to come.”

Part of the renovations include investments in technology. It was designed for administration staff to be able to work easily with the agents in supporting their clients. There are also ample spaces for project teams to work together and a large open area for groups of sales associates to gather and collaborate. Partners Brugger and Bill Nicholls say that they are confident these efforts will continue to build on an already strong culture within the office and grow the number of agents as well.

“Our 50 agents serve a market of about 180,000 people and our office has about 25 per cent of the market share,” says Brugger. “With our investments in our office and our technology we’re looking forward to an even more successful 2018.”


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