Legal Issues

Legal Issues


Recently an Ontario court handed down an important ruling in a case called Re Milne Estate, and it’s one that could impact the validity of your wills.



I have now given more than 30 seminars about the new Cannabis Act to real estate brokerages, real estate boards and landlord groups.


What happens if a real estate sales rep finds out that some visitors were having sex during an open house? Or worse, what happens if the sales rep is personally involved?


What condo owners and tenants may not realize is that the right to use cannabis is not unrestricted. The legalization of marijuana does not give people free rein to smoke just anywhere they like.


Parents are “gifting” or selling their rental properties to their children for a nominal value. While this is a valid strategy, there are several important factors to consider.


Many couples who are thinking of separating are unclear about how family law determines division of the family property – including cottages and rental property.


Whenever I review a status certificate for a condominium buyer and it says that the unit contains Kitec plumbing, it will raise a red flag.


I recently read about four young professionals who were able to rent a detached home together for less money than they would each have to pay for a one-bedroom apartment.


With media reports and international policy-making bodies pointing to Canadian real estate as a high-risk area for money laundering, it may be time for real estate brokers to ensure they’re prepared.


We have seen what happens when deals do not close. Buyers and sellers sue each other and the only winners are the lawyers. Here are five tips to remember to make sure your deals close on time.