Legal Issues

Legal Issues


In Ngai v. Fufa Limited, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice decided that the absence of a valid agreement between a seller and her agent invalidated the agent’s claim to commission from a sale.


How does an interested buyer know if a home’s basement apartment is legal? And what information about basement apartments must real estate agents provide to buyers?


Drafting a will that divides assets equally sounds good, but if you have given more money to one child in your lifetime (such as help with university, a wedding or purchase of a house) it may be seen as unfair.


When acting for both a seller and a buyer, what duties does a real estate agent owe to his or her clients if a property disclosure statement, known as a Seller Property Information Sheet (SPIS) in Ontario, is signed?



In Ontario, real estate deals are supposed to close by 5 p.m., since that is when the government registration system shuts down.


Selling a family home after a parent dies can be an emotional and stressful time. Some heirs may be in a hurry to dispose of the property and move on.


Nothing dampens the excitement of a sale like the sudden realization that you’ve made a mistake.


The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld a decision to award Burlington-based Apex Results Realty more than $155,000 in unpaid commissions.


When parties co-own real property as joint tenant or tenants-in-common, it can become messy really quickly when one of those parties wants to opt out of the co-ownership but the other does not.


When one of the spouses in a couple already has ownership of a house, the law that applies to that house differs for common-law and married couples in the event of a separation or divorce.