There are many experts who are saying the opposite of the real estate agents. Evan Siddall, CEO of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., who is an expert on Canada’s mortgage health, said not to trust data from Realtors.


CREA recently announced it is creating the field “Primary Bedroom” on This would allow MLS systems across the country to feed their “master bedroom” data field to this display name on the public portal.


Is it a conflict of interest to operate multiple businesses while working as a real estate agent? Many Realtors find that having a few non-conflicting contracts is quite helpful and motivational.


The OREA board landed on four bold, new ideas. Before we greenlight these programs, we want to hear from our members one last time about which new services will provide the greatest benefits.


Are bus benches worth the expense, or not? It depends. Let’s look at two extreme scenarios.


COVID-19 hit some large cities early in the pandemic. The idea that density raises the risk of contagion may sound straightforward, but on examination, its premise is not well supported by data.


What obligations do sellers and buyers have in a real estate transaction when the property has been accidentally damaged – such as by a fire – prior to closing?


House prices have gone up, not down, and the debt-deferral cliff CMHC's outgoing president Evan Siddall warned about is also looking less ominous.


My clam chowder is now your clam chowder. Enjoy! I’m sure you will need seconds, so make plenty.


To win a listing, hungry, unprepared or unskilled agents sometimes succumb to a homeowner’s demand for what is an improbable sale price and proceed to pray for a miracle. It’s the easiest route, but rarely the wisest.