As the days get longer and winter (slowly) transforms into spring, there’s an excitement in the air at the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), and it isn’t entirely weather-related.


Who would have thought such a simple yet slightly differently prepared mix would be worth reinventing?


The Ontario Real Estate Association was at the forefront of some big issues affecting Ontario Realtors, the real estate industry and most importantly, Ontario’s homeowners and those wishing to join their ranks.


Regardless of where you work, you have to motivate yourself. No one is going to give you a wake-up call every morning and tell you it’s time to get to work.


The Toronto condo market has a staggering number of buildings and projects – just over 1,700 at the end of 2018. How did we determine which condos to rank in the top 10?

Kamloops, B.C. (Photo: Getty Images)


These cities offer more than just great entry-level real estate: they’re also uniquely fantastic communities in which to set down roots.


As I often tend to do right before a column deadline approaches, I wander about my home office for an hour or six, glance...


I’ve spotted a hole in the market – something every business used to offer, but that has virtually disappeared from the customer service landscape.


Nowadays, it’s common practice for listing agents to refuse the buyer’s rep the opportunity to participate in the presentation. They insist that offers be faxed or emailed. In my opinion, that’s a mistake – a big one.


At Banff Western Connection, CREA opted to perpetuate the fear of those with a vested interest in keeping Zillow out and then offered no opportunity for questions or rebuttal from those of us who support Zillow.