Whenever I speak to real estate boards and brokers of record, I like to remind them that consumer protection is a shared responsibility between the provincial real estate regulator and the profession.

Ettore Cardarelli


It is with a very heavy heart that the OREA family recognizes the loss of friend, leader and a true legend of organized real estate in Canada – Ettore Cardarelli.


According to my records, which admittedly are about as reliable as betting on a scratched long shot at the racetrack, my first column for REM appeared in October 2000.

George Cormack


With history as our lens, a small handful of leaders stand taller, even in such towering company. George Cormack was such a man. It is with great sadness that I share that he has passed.


In this new series of columns, I offer a few simple ethical techniques designed to gently assist a client – at the right moment – to make that critical decision to move forward.


In the September issue of REM, Bill Johnston wrote that until April 1974, Ontario didn’t have a land transfer tax. The fact is that Ontario’s first Land Transfer Tax was introduced in 1921.


Every day, real estate staging professionals struggle to maintain professional boundaries with real estate agents and their clients while delivering quality service and exceptional results.


There is such a thing as fierce customer loyalty. Even in our culture of choice and options. I know, because I am a loyal customer. So are my clients.

John DiMichele, left and Miguel Lameiro.


John DiMichele: "Earlier this summer, I met with Miguel Lameiro, Humber College associate dean of program delivery, education and training solutions."


As is the case more often than not in our real estate profession, I was happy to be there as a therapy of sorts.