The problem was their location. The house was out in no man’s land. It was in one of the slower markets. They had already moved out, and to get top dollar for the house was going to take a long time.


Is there an online course for homeowners trying to make a home entirely undesirable, hoping to prevent a sale? I almost came to think so.


I’ve witnessed all sorts of presentation styles, most of them appallingly amateurish. I’ll delve a little further into the subject, sometimes somewhat bluntly.


By challenging our conventions and taking a new road altogether, we accomplished some big things for our members, home buyers and sellers.


This is just the kind of well-meaning yet profoundly dumb political interference that I thought we were paying CREA to talk the government out of.


A recent interview a salesperson conducted with a candidate for a job as his assistant left us speechless. Without naming and shaming, I think...


They say there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Most of the time, I agree.


It saddens me to see the severe neglect some homes have faced. Just like our bodies, our homes need regular maintenance and care to keep them well.


First responders on the scene of an accidentally overdosed person or even a home-grown lab are at serious risk when they are exposed to fentanyl.


Every part of the real estate realm is in constant flux – from housing prices to how you find your dream property and how you sell your home.