Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Every practitioner can improve professionalism with their actions and their attitude toward their responsibilities.


I read with interest your article in the October issue of REM Magazine, Publisher’s Page: Portage and Main and Human Rights. As a born and...


This situation has developed over time because members are apathetic or preoccupied trying to make a living in a marketplace with too many suppliers (agents) and not enough customers (buyers and sellers).


Having read your cover story (Soaring to New Heights…Issue #292, October 2013) I found myself concerned that only part of the drone story had...


I have had five out of six vermiculite tests come back “clean” – no asbestos.


Consumers want a vibrant economy. I would think this is more important to consumers than not having their dinner interrupted once in a while.


Revised Governor in Council draft regulations for the anti-spam legislation have been pre-published in the Canada Gazette


Is this the spirit and the intent of the due diligence laws and of provincial regulations in regards to listing a property? Am I missing something here? Have the rules changed?


Professional ethics are a core part of the Real Estate Institute of Canada’s (REIC) values.


Perhaps if you don’t participate or attend meetings, you get what you deserve. But is that fair? When elected representatives appear to be taking lack of participation and apathy as support for their activities, we all suffer from the apathy and ambivalence.