Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


I speak of the draconian and ugly FINTRAC legislation that Prime Minister Harper passed in 2008. It is a total flop. One hundred and ten thousand members of CREA along were mandated by law to “spy for the state”, all in a shroud of secrecy.

Marty Douglas


We need Marty Douglas’ intelligence, experience humour and wit. My wife takes the REM paper away from me to read Marty, and she’s not even in real estate!


It’s one teeny little lie, except it is fraud. If found out, the Realtor could be charged.


Listening to the news I frequently hear or read articles by economic experts who quote statistics to support an imminent crash in housing prices


Then along comes Hannon Bell with his rant in REM,...


We’re experiencing an increasingly competitive mortgage market and whatever the interest rate, there will be good deals available from lenders.


She continues to be our motivation as we keep her passion alive.


I think our government and industry are making a huge mistake with their regulatory mania and excessive consumer protectionism.


Bringing independent contracting to real estate has proven to be the cause of the single biggest failure of our industry in the past 25 years.


In my experience, the number of greasy numbskulls in this business has been on a steady decline since I entered it in 2000 and since I first experienced it as a consumer, since the late 1970s.