Guest Columns

Guest Columns


Our mission at the Ontario Real Estate Association is to help all 78,000 members succeed in building stronger communities.


To be a modern regulator, RECO must provide timely and helpful service. Consumers and registrants who contact RECO with inquiries or to file a complaint need to know what they can expect in terms of timely service.

Christopher Alexander is Executive Vice President and Regional Director of RE/MAX INTEGRA, Ontario-Atlantic Region.


Real estate success is built on high-touch, emotional relationships between agents and consumers, which we cannot forget. This begs the question: will technology ever replace the human touch?


Century 21 First Canadian has always prided itself in providing superior training programs for new sales representatives as well as support and mentorship for all salespeople we employ.


Agents who operate as generalists are the most vulnerable to being replaced – whether by technology, or more likely, another agent who has developed a specialty niche in the market for themselves.


I have been a lawyer and a Realtor for more than 30 years. It is readily apparent that both of these professions share the same challenges today.


Last year, following a competitive RFP process, RECO worked with consulting firm CamProf Inc. to launch a formal and rigorous review of all aspects of the Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) program.


When I began my tenure, I was repeatedly asked the question, “Where are buyers coming from?” Being unable to answer the question, created the need for a solution that, I have to think, has been contemplated before.


No longer simply an administrator for the membership, the boards, individually and collectively, must create an environment for Realtor success. Realtors need strategies to remain relevant to the consumer.


RECO believes REBBA and the code have served Ontario consumers well, but the legislation could be updated to better protect consumers and maintain strong public trust in the profession.