Guest Columns

Guest Columns


What condo owners and tenants may not realize is that the right to use cannabis is not unrestricted. The legalization of marijuana does not give people free rein to smoke just anywhere they like.

Scene in the Northwest: Portrait of John Henry Lefroy, a painting by Paul Kane.


The histories of Ontario Land Surveyors and Ontario Realtors took similar paths in the early 1920s. The history of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors began in 1892.


The outcome of the Competition Bureau’s case against the Toronto Real Estate Board has attracted significant media attention. The case, given its complexity, has been largely misunderstood.


Ontario Realtors are saying enough. We want to see a strong enforcement regime that deters unethical behaviour, penalizes the bad seeds and kicks offenders out of the profession.


It’s so important to celebrate the awesome stuff. We’ve got to consciously choose gratitude and hope every day and remember the good things.


With the arrival of Zillow and Purplebricks in Canada, and most recently the public release of sold data, you can be sure that our industry will look different one year from now.


If Canadian franchisors remove the ownership restriction for different brands, this should translate into a larger pool of available brokerages for buyers.


The industry leaders who attended didn’t always agree with RECO’s policy ideas... but the exchanges were thoughtful and respectful, and constituted a valuable learning experience for everyone involved.


The Alberta Real Estate Association plans to hold a vote asking whether they are in favour of investing a portion of their annual dues to protect commissions for all members. Sounds great on the surface but is it really?



How will “sold data” affect your business? Here are my thoughts on how you can use this huge change to your advantage.