Bringing technology and community to the mall are vital to compete with e-commerce.


E-commerce will kill the mall unless landlords transform their role from rent collectors to remarkable experience creators.


Nothing dampens the excitement of a sale like the sudden realization that you’ve made a mistake.


Our very purpose at the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is to support our REALTOR® members. So, when we heard you needed more from WEBForms®, we delivered CREA WEBForms® 2019.


Entering the housing market in Vancouver is, in a word, expensive. Not only do potential homebuyers face high costs of properties, they are also increasingly met with the twin barriers of high interest rates.


Construction, financing, legal aspects, for Pete’s sake – many industries require real-time training under a mentor. In the real estate industry, however, apprenticeship isn’t a given. Does that sound weird to anyone else?


Deep-fried vegetable salad with roasted half-tomatoes – and some new ideas to prepare carrots.


As the cost of ownership housing also steadily increases, more would-be real estate purchasers are lingering in the rental market for longer.



The long-awaited changes to the real estate agent and brokerage community in Ontario just had its initial release, mostly to positive reviews from the industry.


If you prefer to work from home or any other place rather than your brokerage’s office, that’s your choice. But those who commit to the office culture will prosper in many positive ways.


In this continuing series on the subject of ethically closing a client, I address two more techniques that I employed during my long career, with usually great success.