Stan Albert

Stan Albert


I am annoyed and perturbed that over many years your governments and the preceding ones have seemingly condoned a manner of price fixing.


Thanksgiving – a weekend of memories and thoughts of giving back. Once again this year we will be celebrating two Thanksgiving Days – we had...


Too many people still believe that all you have to do to make a lot of money is get a real estate license.


It was a great feeling, Joe professed, to own his own home, which he eventually sold for a profit.


The fact that many agents, both experienced and new, do not get out on open house tours of their own brokerages’ properties befuddles me.


If you think clearly and carefully about who you are and what you want to achieve in life, nothing will stop you.


Not too many of you remember Moneytree Mortgage Fund in the U.S. They too thought that they could feed Realtors leads from their clients. They are no more.


We’re still pretty presentable, but have been knocked around a lot by mass rejections to our mailings, cold calling and/or door knocking. So some of us will flee the business or go to another brokerage because it has fewer fees or whatever.


Are you ready to make some changes in your real estate career? Or are you still struggling with the changes?


Since I’ve been around a lot longer than a lot of the readers of REM, I can attest to the fact that as long as there's a demand for housing and the supply can keep up with it, then we’ll all prosper!